Design a Shared Kids Room They'll Love

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Design a Shared Kids Room They'll Love
Sat, 09-04-2010 - 3:25pm

We just moved, and in our new home my two daughters, ages 8 and 10, will share a bedroom. Of course, they each have different ideas of what they want! How can I create a room that both of them will enjoy? - Sarah, Bloomington, Ind.


Cortney Novogratz

Cortney Novogratz

Cortney Novogratz is a home renovation expert, mom of seven—Wolfgang, 13, twins Tallulah and Bellamy, 11, Breaker, 9, twins Five and... Read more

I think sharing a room is a great idea—it teaches kids to compromise! In our current house, we have two kids per room and they're usually happy to have the company—but sometimes their design styles clash. (That would be mostly my sons—my 11-year-old twin daughters, Bellamy and Tallulah, both like their room to be pink and girlie, though they each have different interests.)

Here’s my advice on how to craft a room that works for both kids.

First, divide the room into two spaces. Paint each side a different color, based on what each child wants. If you're not up for color on the walls, go for white, but accessorize with each child's favorite color—from sheets and bedding to throw pillows. Remember: Nothing has to be matchy-matchy, and having a mix of colors is complementary. My oldest sons, Wolfgang, 13, and Breaker, 9, have what's basically a neutral room, with a black-and-white striped carpet and a bright blue chair, but on either side of the room, each has featured his own interests, and the colors—a mix of bold, primary shades in their bedding—work for them.

Here's another key: Make sure each child has his or her own desk space and a cork or magnetic board. This way, they can express themselves individually with photos and other decorations.

Finally, be bold! And listen to what each child wants—let them have a say in how their part of the room is decorated.

Cortney Novogratz is a home renovation expert, mom of seven and star of Bravo’s 9 by Design. She and her husband, Robert, founded the design firm Sixx Design and wrote Downtown Chic, a book about building and decorating your dream home. Got a question for Cortney? Visit her expert page to ask her advice!

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