it's brilliant!

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it's brilliant!
Wed, 04-09-2008 - 11:01am

I just had to share that I finally decided what I'm doing for my "whole house" palette and I'm relieved to have it settled!



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Wed, 04-09-2008 - 4:41pm

Yay! Great decisions!

I know you were battling with this for awhile. Painting the vaulted ceiling darker than the walls will make the room look more cozy too and bring the ceiling down..

What I would do is just work on ONE room at a time and buy a few quarts, not gallons. Do a large section on each wall and ceiling in the colors you want. Leave it there a few days and see if you really like it. If not you are only out a quart of paint.

Think about making the focal brown wall the one you see as you walk into the room. That usually

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