Dining Room Accent Color?

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Dining Room Accent Color?
Tue, 10-20-2009 - 8:42pm

Well we've moved into our new home :) It is wonderful. I have a real dining room and a table! We purchased a nice oak table off of craigslist that sits 6. We've turned the dresser into a buffet side (it didn't fit in our bedroom) to store my serving pieces and what not. It matches fairly well but at some point will need to be sanded down and re-finished.

However, I am looking for an accent color for our dining room for things like table linens and what not. I was thinking a nice buttery yellow but I am open to other ideas. Our everyday dishes are red and black. I've hung several garden themed type paintings on the wall. I'll see about taking a picture tomorrow and posting.

Thanks :)



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Thu, 10-22-2009 - 7:44pm

Hi Tiffany! See the above thread as I think I have answered some of your questions there, here:


BTW, another color that you might think about adding if you want a really colorful DR is turquoise or a soft light blue.

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