What's My Style?

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What's My Style?
Thu, 05-13-2010 - 6:44pm

Take this fun quiz and share what you get!


This is what I got.

Your style is Old World, New Way

Old World

Deep, rich and regal but muted for a time-worn effect. Finishes are distressed, woodwork is rough-hewn. A lived-in but luxurious old world.

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Fri, 05-14-2010 - 2:09am

Your style is Sleek and Streamlined

All about space and shape. Contemporary, rounded lines combine with neutral elements and bold color. I like a contemporary design style.

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Fri, 05-28-2010 - 8:31am

Ok, here's my style...

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Sat, 05-29-2010 - 9:02am
Since we own a mid-century modern classic in California, I guess this is somewhat true, although you'd never guess by looking at our current home (very traditional) or our vacation home in CA (contemporary)...

Mid-Century Mod
Your style is Mid-Century Mod

Open, airy, organic spaces, all about form and function. Sophisticated and sleek yet approachable, alluring. My home is Mid-Century Modern.

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Thu, 06-03-2010 - 5:34pm

Heres what it says about me:

Your style is Crafted Simplicity

Simple shapes and strong lines. Fine craftsmanship mixes with natural materials. Arts & Crafts, Mission and Shaker work for me.

I disagree. I like fine craftsmanship & natural materials but mission & shaker style is just too simple for me.

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Sun, 12-16-2012 - 1:08pm

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