The Best Kitchen Island Designs

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The Best Kitchen Island Designs
Tue, 02-19-2008 - 10:51am

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According to the National Association of HomeBuilders (NAHB), kitchen islands are one of the most popular kitchen design features among today's consumers. The NAHB also reports that buyers of new homes have also indicated a desire for kitchen islands as well. Actually some 80% of homebuyers consider a kitchen island to be an absolute must.

Some newer kitchen island ideas include the following features: rolling islands that can be used where a large island won't fit, granite-topped islands, and islands with furniture like features as pilasters.

New homebuyers aren't the only ones that should consider a kitchen island design for their kitchen. Some older homes with an awkward kitchen floor plan with limited space can also benefit from a kitchen island design idea. Closed off kitchens have been transformed into more open looking kitchens by lowering existing walls half way to forms islands between the kitchen and nearby living space.

Many Kitchen Island Styles
Kitchen Islands have become so popular that this has even led to the creation of unique design styles of their own. A kitchen island can have the same design as the main counter and cabinets or it can have its own unique design.
Before deciding on any type of kitchen design you need to be certain of the shape. In addition traditional rectangle or square a rounded or oval island can bring a whole new look to your kitchen. Whether in a single row kitchen or as part of an L-shape design the kitchen island will be the heart of the whole kitchen. Some basic kitchen design ideas need to be considered.

Kitchen Islands can have some additional design options like breakfast bars and installed appliances which can achieve the 'triangle' design of sink-stove-refrigerator that is considered one of the top kitchen design ideas.
Kitchen Islands are also available in many styles and designs such as: Contemporary, Traditional, American Folk and French Country.

Many kitchen islands can be created with natural woods such as, Northern Maple, Red Oak, Poplar, Birch, and plantation-grown exotic woods. Other kinds of kitchen islands are constructed of stainless steel, or wood combined with stainless steel.

Island tops are usually hard wood, granite or marble, stainless steel, or butcher block, which is usually Hardrock Maple fastened end or edge grain to prevent cracking and warping.

What to Include in a Kitchen Island
Some features to consider in adding a kitchen island can include the oven as the main componet of your kitchen island, electric switches and outlets (a kitchen island can be an ideal area for additional outlets for kitchen appliances), storage and shelves. Finally as for the material of the island counter while you could use the same material for the island counter as you have for the kitchen counter it is possible to consider different materials to create an more interesting look. You might want to consider a kitchen exhaust hood over your kitchen island.
The right kind of kitchen lighting is important for kitchen islands. The island should be well lit. Your kitchen island plan should provide locations for lighting in the ceiling as well as around the kitchen exhaust hood.

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7 Great Kitchen Islands Beautiful kitchen islands

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Beautiful Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands
Are your room and budget right for an island adventure?

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Easy Addition
A kitchen island is an easy way to add space and seating.