What did you spend,,,,

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What did you spend,,,,
Sun, 03-16-2008 - 3:31pm

DH and I are discussing completley renovating our kitchen sometime late this summer. We had the flooring re-done last year, and don't plan on structural changes either. Ultimately, it's just new cabinets, sink, counterss, appliances and . Our kitchen is about 10' x 16' give or take...

Anyone out there that has redone their kitchen willing to share what you ended up spending? how long did the construction process take?

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Sun, 03-16-2008 - 9:35pm

We did our kitchen in Houston about 20 years ago so our prices may not be useful. Also, we added on space, which, of course, changes things.

What did we do? we bought all new appliances (fridge, double oven (built in), microwave (built in), cook-top, sink, disposal, dishwasher and trash compactor), refaced all the cabinets (laminate), put in a new floor (in both the kitchen *and* the new room (which was a porch before we converted, which meant we had to have the new floor brought up to the original kitchen floor level)... The utility room was also upgraded with new floor, new wiring, and a pantry/closet. And of course, walls, windows and ceiling were added in the renovated porch

At the same time, we had new floors (marble) and vanity counters put in the bathroom and the brick work on the exterior of the house "repaired" (there were some cracks, some bricks degenerating, and mortar falling apart)...

And we had plans drawn up by an architect so there were architect fees involved.

Total loan was $25,000...

20 years, and Houston labor (probably VERY low as few of the workmen spoke English...)...

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