Shopping for appliances...

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Shopping for appliances...
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Be a Smart Shopper

Selecting the appropriate appliances for your new kitchen isn’t easy. Products are available in an ever-increasing array of types, sizes, and styles. Prices are as diverse as the features. Once your selections are made, you’ll probably have to live with them for a decade or more. Use these shopping tips to make choices you can live with:
First, establish a realistic budget. This step alone simplifies your decision and helps you separate necessary features from luxury ones. A good approach to staying within your budget is to splurge a little on one component and buy a lower-priced model of another. You might, for example, want a high-end sink but need only a small microwave. They can serve as trade-offs.

Study consumer publications and Web sites that give brand-name ratings, available features, and prices. Before going shopping, take notes and narrow your choices to a few specific brands and models.

The quality of the basic components of an appliance is more important than the number of novelty options. Such items as the power output of a microwave oven, the number of spraying arms in a dishwasher, and the storage capacity of a freezer are crucial.


As you shop, have with you a detailed list of your kitchen measurements. Remember, the appliance will be in your kitchen for many years, so you also need to consider any potential changes in family size, lifestyle, and kitchen design.

Don’t just assume that an appliance warehouse has the best bargains. It’s common to find a group of smaller dealers who pool resources to buy bigger volumes at discounted rates.

Ask about the extent of the warranty. Which parts are covered? Does it include labor? Will another dealer honor the warranty?

Consider installation, too. An icemaker on a refrigerator, for example, needs a water line. A range hood may need to be vented outdoors. Also, if an appliance is to be professionally installed, ask if that is included in the price.
If you’ve always wanted a cooktop with ceramic-glass-covered radiant burners, don’t settle for something less. If possible, keep a few luxury items on your list of must-haves, so when the remodeling is done, you’ll be satisfied with the results instead of having regrets.

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Everything You Need to Know About Appliances

Shopping for appliances can be overwhelming.

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