Kitchen Windows: Functionality vs. Aesth

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Kitchen Windows: Functionality vs. Aesth
Sun, 07-20-2008 - 11:02am

March 24, 2008 by kitchenrenovations at

As with many of the important elements of a room, windows play dual roles in a kitchen. Of course they serve their primary purpose of providing ventilation and light to the room. Aesthetically, they play a large role in the style and design of the kitchen as well. There is a vast array of choices when it comes to selecting the perfect windows for your kitchen during a remodel. Some things to consider: Aluminum, vinyl or wood? Double-hung, casement or sliders? Of course all of these choices have their pros and cons and your needs and budget must be taken into consideration when making the ultimate decision.

Kitchens by Renovation Experts decided to ask homeowners what type of windows they would prefer to have in their kitchens with the clear preference being vinyl sliding windows with 56 percent of the vote. Casement windows received the next highest vote with 23 percent, while bay windows and awning windows received 17 percent and four percent, respectively. Based on the results of the vote, it appears that readers value practicality, maintenance and ease of use when it comes to selecting windows to adorn their kitchens.

Here is a rundown of the different options available to you in kitchen windows:

Your first choice comes in the material for your windows.
· While wood offers the best insulation, it requires a great deal of maintenance to keep it looking great.
· Aluminum is the most economical, but may conduct cold, heat and moisture. It can be painted but requires yearly upkeep to maintain the attractiveness.
· The final option is vinyl which usually proves to be the most practical. It requires the least maintenance and while it cannot usually be painted, it does normally come in a wide range of colors from which to choose.

Once you have decided upon a material for the construction of your windows, the biggest decision comes in the following style choices:
· Double-hung windows are the most common. These slide up and down, but might not be so easy to use when positioned over counters and sinks.
· Decorative styles such as bay windows look beautiful and there are many different design options, however, these are not always the most practical for use in a kitchen.
· Casement windows and awning windows are similar in that they are operated by a crank handle, but casements are hinged on the side while awnings are hinged at the top.
· Sliding windows operate like sliding doors on a horizontal track. These are extremely easy to operate and are practical for a kitchen, especially over sinks and stove tops.

Always consider the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics when deciding on important components of a room, such as windows, during a remodel. There are always plenty of wonderful options, but it is vital to think about your needs, budget and lifestyle when making the ultimate decision to ensure that you will be satisfied with your choices in the end.

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