Black floor tiles???

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Black floor tiles???
Tue, 02-09-2010 - 5:27pm

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Tue, 02-09-2010 - 11:35pm

Welcome, lisamarie! Glad you found us. And can I point you to Decorating Dilemmas as wel, for additional decorating tips! cl-honeygirl45 usually drops in here but if she doesn't see this in the next day or two you might check in there for a second opinion!

Now, as for black floors. Great idea about keeping that floor. Slate is pricey and it would be a shame to lose it for something of lesser quality. As long as it was properly lade, it should last you for years!

Black is a neutral and goes with pretty nearly anything but it is dark (DOH!) so you probably will want to lighten up the room with lighter cabinets, backsplash and/or paint. And slate, being a natural material, is fairly tolerant of what you mix it with.

I think you COULD get a dark (granite, engineered stone, soapstone, even concrete) counter but I suspect it could blend in too much with the floor, and, personally, I'm not at all sure that the color and texture of most counter materials (granite and engineered stone, for example, tend to be shiny --- and a shiny black against that matte black slate might be a little too much, KWIM?) would match that well with slate. I would personally see if I could get hold of some countertop material samples that you could place against the floor and see how they work.

Do you have a preference for cabinet type? Painted or natural wood? Oak (which is on the way out, trend-wise, but which *I* personally like --- I'm NEVER trendy! LOL), maple (which is in) or cherry (which seems to always be popular)?

This is an attractive look: light cream cabinetry with dark slate floors. Very French country:

while this one, with light wood and black slate, looks very modern:

Suite 101 suggests the following:

"Use this slate in a modern kitchen, with white and glass countertops and a honed slate floor. A glass and slate or metal and black granite mosaic countertop will tie the kitchen together."

and as they say at

"The color variations in slate flooring allow you to change your decorating styles around without having to change the flooring."

which basically gives you permission to go with many different wall colors, accessories, etc. and many different kitchen styles.

I hope this helps a little. I'm sure honeygirl45 will have some great ideas as well...

And do bookmark us and come back and let us know how your kitchen remodel is coming!

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