What's in your junk drawer?

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What's in your junk drawer?
Sun, 03-28-2010 - 2:45pm

Make the most of your kitchen catch-all... by making sure it holds the essentials that every junk drawer absolutely needs!


What is in YOUR junk drawer? Do you have the essentials?

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Fri, 04-16-2010 - 10:42pm
almost every drawer i have is a junk drawer. lol next week i hope to consolidate and make only 1 a junk drawer.
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Tue, 04-06-2010 - 11:05am


Ok... yes we have a junk drawer and the only 2 items that are on the list that are in our junk drawer are batteries and screw drivers!

Goodness knows I have no idea what all that other crap is or what it is for, DH is in charge of that drawer! =)

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Sun, 04-04-2010 - 9:42pm

Your junk drawers are too neat to be junk drawers!!!

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Sun, 04-04-2010 - 8:50pm

They WERE! In 2007! You should see them now! LOL

Electrical and phone books still looks OK, but the HOA drawer has somehow gotten a few manuals in it, the note pad (former eyeglass) drawer is filled to overflowing, and the junk drawer is a MESS!

The only neat bit is the recently reorganized pencil box! LOL

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Sun, 04-04-2010 - 5:09pm
Your junk drawer's are the neatest I have ever seen!!

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Sun, 04-04-2010 - 2:54pm

LOL at your professional approach to chips! I used to have a HUGE selection of bag clip but they keep dwindling and I'm down to two --- in the drawer that holds spoons, spatulas, ladles, etc.

As for the rest of the "recommended" list, here's my inventory:

A pair of scissors ~ two pair of paper scissors in a pen/pencil "box" by the telephone, three pair of food scissors in my knife drawer (when they aren't in teh dish drying rack)

Paper clips and safety pins ~paper clips in DH's office (but he's moved them to the dining room table of late where he is working on his books); safety pins in a tin in my crafting cabinet in the basement

Pens and pencils ~ in that "box" I mentioned --- I just recently sorted them into paint pens, ink pens and pencils...

Bandages - bathroom medicine closets

Gum ~ I agree, no gm in my house and why would I keep it there anyway?

Rubber bands ~ I do throw a few from the rolled up newspapers now and again but they tend to disappear over time (don't know why as I rarely use rubber bands) and right now there are probably only three or four in there. I THINK there is a bag of them somewhere in my office, which means they'll never be found until they are fossilized!

Bag clips ~ see above!

Batteries ~ Lots of them there, even though we do rechargeables too. We keep a supply for the security sensors, the fire/smoke alarms and flashlights, just in case.

Mini screw drivers and hex key ~ NOT just mini! I believe there are three tapes, at least one wrench, several screw drivers of various kind and maybe even a hammer in there!

Emery boards ~ There's one sort-of emery board on my craft desk. It was a souvenir of a charity crop and has never found a real use...

I have a picture of my junk drawer(s) in my kitchen when I cleaned it up in 2007 (they sure doesn't look that neat any more, and some, like the phone number and note pad/eyeglass drawer are overflowing!) ... there is one for electronics (mainly extension cords and plug adapters), one originally for spare eyeglasses (donated most of them to the Lions Club) which now this holds all those free "gift" note pads that come in charitable solicitations, one for manuals (most of which are now in a file cabinet, now only holds our HOA paperwork, as well as passes --- you can see our fishing permits for our lake on top) and keys for here and for our vacation home in Sonoma County), one for phone numbers and phone books, and then the traditional "junk" drawer (certainly heavy on tape, isn't it? LOL). Just to show off how neat ti COULD have been, I've attached pictures! LOL It's definitely time to clean them up again!

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Sun, 04-04-2010 - 4:04am

Hi Carol!

I have several junk drawers hee hee... One is for tools that are the most used (there's a pilot's bag full of other tools). Other drawers are full of this and that which I really just have to get rid of!

A pair of scissors ~ have got several, but not in the junk drawer. One is actually on my desk right now. The other on a shelf by the kitchen, and two on a little table in the veranda.

Paper clips and safety pins ~ hmm. I wonder where I put that little bag of safety pins I bought the other day for 10 cents. I've no idea whether I have paper clips or not. There probably a box rusting somewhere. Maybe it's time to go to the Muji store and get a new supply???

Pens and pencils ~ these are everywhere. I need to whistle them back into their cases ;-)

Bandages - hmm... maybe I ought to move this to the junk drawer. They are in a cabin luggage pocket right now.

Gum ~ really? People keep gum in the junk drawer? Eewww. I don't have gum in the house at all.

Rubber bands ~ in a plastic bag that is hanging on a hook in the kitchen! Am I flunking the junk drawer test???

Bag clips ~ I had bought a pair, and I have NO idea where they are. My bags of chips don't need bag clips - all the chips are eaten in one session to ensure proper freshness and crispiness. I am a serious chip eater, not an amateur!

Batteries ~ well, ever since I've switched to rechargeable batteries, they are either being used or being charged, so none are in the junk drawer. Which isn't where we kept batteries in the first place.

Mini screw drivers and hex key ~ in a desk drawer. Used it last week.

Emery boards ~ er, one pack in a bag with all the manicure and pedicure instruments of torture. One buffing board by by bedside, and another one on my desk.

I guess I have to work on my junk drawer, huh? LOL!