What colour for feature?

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What colour for feature?
Sun, 07-18-2010 - 6:08am

Hi, and TIA for any advice it will be considered thank you!

We have just bought a 20 year old home which has a peach/apricot (very pale) laminate kitchen. We are installing a new oven which is much smaller than the one which existed here. Our carpenter is concerned he won't be able to match the colour exactly to the laminate and has suggested that, rather than do a mis-match, go for a feature colour to compliment the pale pinky cream that we have. Any ideas? We're going for a country look and our new oven is white. All of our appliances are white and the trim is currently a lovely polished wood. We have light coloured large tiles which we just put in on the floor. We have installed cream blinds. The paint scheme is a yellow-tint cream with a bold white trim. We will be doing a new splash back which will be white.

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Mon, 07-19-2010 - 11:11am

Peach/apricot is a hard color to match and your contractor has a great idea.

You could try to match the creams/whites you are using elsewhere but that wouldn't really provide a "feature" color if you know what I mean. To me, feature means contrast...

How about a charcoal grey or even black? These colors go with all your color scheme and would provide some contrast... Then scatter some small black/charcoal tiles in your white backsplash and maybe use some black accents elsewhere in the kitchen (a black container filled with wooden spoons and other similar utensils, for example, or maybe a black toaster/blender/mixer on the countertop?).

You could also try to a wood look, and use butcher block... We did that in one of the homes we owned, and had tiles which matched the backsplash into the wooden top near the stove to act as a hot plate...

Just one idea...

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Hi beans Mommy!

Well, a color that compliments a peachy/ apricot color would be in the green family. I guess you will not be changing your laminate counters? You could have the makings of a charming french country style kitchen.

What color is your cabinets? If they are also white I think you may have to much white or light colors in your kitchen. I would either paint the walls or your cabinets

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