Backsplash tile

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Backsplash tile
Sat, 08-28-2010 - 2:11pm

I'm remodeling my kitchen with no upper cabinets. There is a large stainless steel vent and 2 open shelves on the walls. A custom mosaic tile will be under the vent hood (the tile is 3/4 in.) and subway tile will be placed elsewhere. The question is - how far up to put the subway tile? 18" seems insignificant, considering there are no uppers. The bottom of the vent is 30" from the counters - would that be a proper place to end the subway tile? The 3/4 tile will be going up to the ceiling (9') for the width of the stove.


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Sat, 08-28-2010 - 6:57pm

WEll, as this article says:

It's a matter of the user! Still, I'm thinking 18" would look nice if you finished up the subway tile with a border of the 3/4" tile. That would add a finished look and you could "accessorize" the remaining wall space with things like decorative plates or copper molds, a magnetic knife rack or a pot rack, etc.

Putting the subway tile up to 30" could look like you were tiling the entire wall and ran out of tile, KWIM? That's a LOT of tile as well!

See these walls without cabinets...
-- the backsplash isn't very high on the the one with the posts and beams (the Gianetti kitchen), although it would appear that many of the walls without upper cabinets shown here were window walls and backsplashes went only to sill height, a good place to stop if you have a window or two in your wall!

Your kitchen sounds beautiful. We'd love it if you could share pictures when you are finished!

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