Installing or Repairing Siding

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Installing or Repairing Siding
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Removing or Installing Siding

Sometimes siding is so warped, pocked or ravaged by time and the elements that replacement is the best option. Wood and clapboard, vinyl and aluminum siding each has its own methodology for replacement, as demonstrated below.

Replacing Wood Siding
If you have shingle or shake siding, removal and replacement will be the same as described in our chapter titled Roofing, under the Replacing Wood Shingles and Shakes article.

Replacing Board Siding
Replacing board siding, however, is another matter. Board siding can be true wood (often redwood or cedar) or clapboard (particleboard).

The biggest enemy to either board siding is water, which erodes, warps and wears siding over time. The easiest way to replace damaged siding without creating a major carpentry job is to remove the replace only the affected section, while leaving the remaining siding in tact. The hardest part is often finding a replacement piece that matches the rest.

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