AAARGH! Internet trouble

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AAARGH! Internet trouble
Thu, 05-01-2008 - 7:00pm

It's a long story involving lots of "if you... press 3" and techies with accents so thick you can cut them with a knife (Hello, my name is Bob? DOH!) and screw-ball virus claims so they can avoid dealing with it but finally, after three days of calls, I got in touch with a techie who not only speaks English, she actually did a line test and lo and behold, we have a VERY weak signal...

So someone will be making a service call tomorrow between 8:30 and Noon and hopefully I won't have to visit via dial-up any more.

Meanwhile, bear with me if I am slow in getting to any posts and dial-up is a PITA!

Still, I'm glad I have my old Powerbook back, sans WiFi (ANOTHER long story) but WITH an internal modem so I CAN use dial-up! AND that I keep paying AOL a monthly fee despite the fact that they are now free online (Hey --- if I hadn't, I wouldn't be talking to you guys at all!

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