Color Trends for 2008...

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Color Trends for 2008...
Thu, 06-05-2008 - 10:20am

2008 Color Trends

The Top Three Color Palettes for 2008

By Caroline Barry
16 August 2007

Fashion runways inspire everything from automobiles to movie sets, but no creative space follows fashion quite like the home. Fabric swatches get bold, graphic or serene in tune with the latest styles and paint colors follow suit. There are always those who go with classic colors likely to outlive trends, and those who will be painting again two years from now. But wherever you are on the redesign continuum, keeping ahead of the color curve will help you reinvigorate your home and spark confidence in your own color choices.

So before you start thumbing through paint swatches, see what Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert with The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute, has to say. She's ready to guide us through the latest runway winners and the color trends we'll love next year.

Go Green
Just say green and you indicate the eco-consciousness that's pervading our lives and our styles. The darling of a more environmentally aware Hollywood, green is on its way to a starring role as the newest “neutral” color. When used as a subtle backdrop to reflect environmentalism and social responsibility, this cool hue represents the growing environmental movement. Mid-tones of fern, palm, pine and sage used alone or with clear blue or aqua create living spaces that conjure a sense of outdoor-friendly living. Intermingle sandy tan and adobe brown to complete that earthy, eco-friendly feel.

Where to Go Green: While suitable for all areas of the home, this palette is especially good in bathrooms, kitchens and family living spaces.

Sophisticated Elegance
Gaining popularity in the near future of 2008, black and white paint hues will enhance opulent spaces filled with fine accessories, lighting, mirrors and rich fabrics. Silver metallics and high sheen finishes along with rich textures build on the sophisticated feel of this striking palette. Pull out the drama and make it more fun with an unexpected punch of color. Zimmer suggests a dramatic red, subtle pink or taupe.

Where to get Sophisticated: Try this drama rich palette in master bedroom suites and living rooms.

Crewel Colors
It's a tech world and we'll be craving more simplicity in 2008. We'll be nesting in the warm, rich colors of this palette of jewel tones, deep reds, browns and spicy oranges with deep-toned blues. The look is soulful, immediately comfortable and imparts a sense of stability. These colors work with wooden pieces and clean simple layouts to create a relaxed modern vibe.

Where Crewel Works: Crewel colors remain an excellent choice for kitchen or dining areas and can quickly warm up a family room.

“No matter which paint hue or palette attracts your individual attention, consumers continue to have an increased appreciation for paint quality and value. After all it’s a personal choice for a personal space—your home,” Zimmer says.

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