The Right Tools

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The Right Tools
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Having the right tools can make any remodeling or home improvement project easier.

The Basics:

*Hammers (Framing and Claw)
Framing hammers heavier (20-30oz) than Claw hammers (12-20oz) and are good for framing, decks, pounding nails, demolition, etc. Claw hammers are good for around the house projects and finish work.

*Tape Measures
A wider 30' Stanley Fat Max tape measure for decks and measuring longer distances by yourself. A 25' Stanley Lever Lock, weighs less and is easier to carry around.

*Cordless Drill and Drill Bits

*Compound Miter Saw
A 12" compound miter saw. A 10" will do, but will leave you hanging when cutting 2x8's and when making some 45 degree cuts.

Phillips and flat head screwdrivers in varrying lengths

*Socket Set

* Pliers / Wrenches
Needle nose, linesman, wire cutters and adjustable pliers usually come in sets. Wrenches can also be purchased in sets for great prices. If you can only get one, get an adjustable.

*Circular saw
A circular saw is a must for ripping plywood or making any cuts larger than the miter will allow.

A 2ft. level will handle most things you need.

*Pry Bars
A small one (8 to 12 inch) and a 3 footer for bigger demo projects

*Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Commonly referred to as a shop vac. Always have extra filters on hand, especially with drywall dust.

*Toolbox and Tool Belt
Get a box big enough to carry most of the necessities.

As for a tool belt, you will wear it all the time, so try them all on and get a good one.

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