Installing a Ceiling Fan

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Installing a Ceiling Fan
Sun, 08-10-2008 - 11:03am

Yes, I know that the decorating shows seem dead set against ceiling fans. But in these energy-saving times, a ceiling fan can reduce you cost of cooling in summer an even heating in winter... An theya ren't that hard o install if you already have a ceiling lighting fixture in place.

Check out this article:

What You'll Need
Existing electrical box
Ceiling fan kit
Electrical tester


Turn off the power at your breaker box. Check to make sure the power is off by using your electrical tester on the wires. Check the floor-to-ceiling height of the fan blades. A minimum height of 7' is recommended. Building codes in your area may reinforce this.

Use either a wooden or fiberglass ladder ONLY. Remove existing light fixture. Check for joist and electrical box safety against weight of your new ceiling fan. You might have to get into the attic to check the support if you have a heavy fan or install a new bracket by screwing it into the existing electrical box.

Connect the wire leads using the wire connectors supplied with the fan -- the black circuit wire to the black wire lead from the fan; the white circuit wire to the white lead; and the grounding wires to the green lead. Turn the connections upward and push gently into the electrical box.

Assemble the ceiling fan, minus the fan blades. You will attach the blades once the fan is connected and mounted.
Attach the canopy or escutcheon to the mounting plate using the screws provided in the fan kit. Align the canopy ring slots with the screws and rotate into place.

Attach fan blades to the arms using the fiber washers and screws provided in the fan kit. Attach the arms to the motor with provided screws.

Turn the power on at the breaker and enjoy your new fan.

Also a video step-by-step at the same site!

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