Just curious...

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Just curious...
Wed, 09-24-2008 - 11:02pm

1. Have you all filled out your profiles with at least the minimum generic information(you don't have to be specific about where you live or what your family names are but it's nice to get a feel for posters by reading profiles)

2. Do you use the "Favorite Boards" feature to find the boards you visit occasionally? Do you even know how to use it (it stores up to 50 of your most recent board visits: just click on "Favorite Boards in the tan bar above and then on "recently Visited when the little panel opens up --- you will see your last 50 boards with live links!).

2. What boards are in your "Favorites" list on that little panel? Is this one? Do you know how to put a board there? Just check the box next to a recently visited board and then click on "add to favorites" at the bottom".

These are two ways to NEVER lose your way in the massive place that is iVillage!

3. Oh, and we are on your favorite list, by any chance?

5. Finally, do you check the little "Notify me by email when someone responds to any message I post." box below the type your message box? That way, if you ask a question, you will KNOW when someone answers you, because you will get an email from mailer@mailer.prospero.com with a link to the answer! Once you click on that little box, it will go into your board settings and notify you of ALL answers to your posts, no matter where you post! So if that is too many emails to mess with, why not add your favorite boards to a digest list. This way, you will get one email a week (or more frequently --- you can select) for ALL the boards you list or even all the posts you specifically respond to! You'll find a link to the site where you can sign up for digests in a box to the lower right of this message where it says "Get updates to this discussion delivered by email"!

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