Paint Color Ideas?

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Paint Color Ideas?
Thu, 09-02-2010 - 11:20am

Can I get your advice on paint colors?
I attached pics of the rooms.


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Thu, 09-02-2010 - 3:01pm

Hi Imp0615!

Well, will you be keeping the bedspread and shower curtains in those rooms? You need something for inspiration, like some colorful artwork or toss pillows with a few colors in it to pull a color theme from for the room. That is how most people pick a wall color.

In your LR as it is now,

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Thu, 09-02-2010 - 7:37pm

Hi imp! Glad you found us!

As usual, Doris has great ideas.. and I'm with her on all of her suggestions. But there are alternatives...

That sage green she suggests for the living room? It would work in that bedroom too!

And you living room really could work with ANY color on the walls that you like and I think you need to find some accents to liven up your white furniture... If you go with a green, use a crisp white trim on woodwork and doors and use an accent pillow or two or a throw with that same green and maybe another color or even a darker shade of the same green (green can act as a neutral so just about any color work with it: purple, pink, yellow... just think of how so many different colors of flower go with green leaves!)... Here's a living room in purple and green as an example:

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