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Board Tutorial
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 8:17am
Hopefully this will make it easier to

learn the ropes.

The board is set up like files.

Think of the FOLDERs as boards within a board.

For example - all Off Topic posts would go in a Off Topic folder.

The term "thread" has been replaced by the term "discussion" in this new format.

Anyway, to post to a folder, you click "start a new discussion" next to the folder

name and write your post.

Now here's the rub...your post will "float" up and down the folder depending on

the date and time it is posted AND the subsequent date and time of the last time

someone replied to it.

So, right after you post it, it will be at the top of the folder.

(I seem to have to refresh my browser to see it there, though) The next day,

if no one has replied to it and there have been 10 new discussions OR replies

to previous discussions within the same folder, your post will have drifted out of

sight in the main folder view(but it's still there, you will have to click on more

to view it.)


The outline view looks a little like the boards we are used to, in that it shows

the start of each thread and the first line of each reply.

Currently, the outline is in order of the folders.

If you want to see a post in its entirety when viewing the outline, you just click

on it.

The trick, from what I hear, is that it will show up in the browser window that

you are using for the folder view or you get a new window for each post that they

click on in outline view.

(It depends on your browser.)

Threads float in outline view in the same way that they do in folder view.

You can use F5 to REFRESH the outline view.

READING threads/discussions and their REPLIES. When reading the first post of the discussion or a message in the discussion, you'll see at the bottom, "messages in this discussion 1,2,3 read next>" or "next discussion" if you are reading the last message. The list of numbers is chronological starting with the post that started the discussion as the number "1". So, if there are six messages, it could be that the sixth is a reply to the third, but it appears as number six. If you want to see who is replying to whom, you need to look in the outline or at the top of the message it will say to whom it is replying by name and number of the post.

Finding a post, remember we can now SEARCH the board.

Posting tips-

If you are starting a discussion you have about 40 characters , maybe for your title.

If you are responding - make your first line of your post count, it's the title line in the outline view. It will scanning easier later.

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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 10:33am
Brenda, may I snag this for my boards? I'm lazy LOL ~Kat

~Kat, kittyprints4

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Sure, I did, from my co-host Piq on the GO

board. lol

I didn't ask first either, blushing.


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