New toys!....

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New toys!....
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 12:33pm
ONe thing i learned so far is to choose the outline view, when i come to

the board, then i can see all of the posts, can't post from that but it comes up

in a new window, that's cool.

Today the cable guy is here and I am switching to digital phone,

because with the package, phone, cable and computer, it's less

expensive. I bought a phone card for my long distance calls

at Sams 3.47cents a minute anywhere in the US, anytime! One thing to watch for

is that the card has no expiration date and you can add minutes on the same card

so you don't have to do a new number alla time. Ray can take the numbers on a little card and also use it, no need for multiple cards.

Lets enjoy the confusion! I am gunna have so much fun, playing with my

new board, new remote to the TV.

OH I wanted to tell you also, my library is on-line and we can even check

the availability of a book and reserve it, that is so cool!

take a I love our library