Frugality in chaotic times

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Frugality in chaotic times
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 6:01pm
Is anyone finding it harder to get organized and stick to the "plan" these days? I find that in times of chaos I have to work harder at staying on track with all of the frugal things I do. I must say that I find comfort in the ability to have some control over any aspect of my life when it seems so much is out of my hands hands. I feel like I should be knitting socks or something. The irony is that I live in Fl and only wear socks about four days a year! I have been working on Christmas ideas for my kids. I am going to knit new afghans for at least two of my kids this year and may make the terry braided rugs for each of them. I've found that even my son likes getting things like that which he stashes for a time when he is ready to move out. This seems like a good time to focus on home and all of the pleasures associated with it. Take Care everyone! Trudy
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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 7:11pm
I am having it hard, too!

I think, the war, the spring...I dunno....I have just been through a major loss so I thought I was alone in having it hard keeping with being frugal, I seem to have this

attitude. LIke who knows how long I will be here, I am going to have the things, I WANT!

I know it's pretty normal during war time, to seek pleasurable alternatives.

To be able to escape the choas...especially from the TV.

I am glad not to be alone



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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 10:54pm
Trudy I have been frugal for so long until the habits are part of my life but i don't fret about money at all anymore, everything is too uncertain and if i see something i love i just purchase it, I can afford it and don't have to go into debt I

am not going to try to save a lot of our income in the future. Retirement is covered and college for the kids and the oldest is already set. Thats what comes from frugal habits. U don't have a lot of finincial worries in your after fifty years. My kids are wondering whats wrong with me. But i still love the challange of the hunt for a bargain.

I truly hate this new format on the board DJ...
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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 1:54am
I have to admit with everything going on right now I'm having a terrible time. Not only is the war raging (my husband is in the Army, not deployed thank God) but we are moving in a matter of weeks. My 18 month old son and I are leaving in a matter of days, along with a very large labrador, traveling from Alaska to Maryland. My DH is following, actually he's driving, on the 18th of April. I cant even consentrate well enough it seems to get what needs to be done accomplished.

This too shall pass.


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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 5:41am
Not really. I find that when life gets busy & chaotic I am even more frugal and even more organized than I am normally because these two aspects of my lifestyle are something I can always control and they help to ease life and keep the stress levels down.

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 5:48am
Mia: I will keep your dh and you in my prayers during this difficult time. My soninlaw is Army as well and the unit he is assigned to join in Italy after the officer's training course he is currently attending has already deployed to Iraq. We are only waiting now for the official word that he'll be joining them. And wondering if my stepdaughter and grandbabies will now be staying in the states or still going to Italy. And a dear and close family friend is fighting right now outside of Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division as well. These are frightening and stressful times for many families. I will pray that you will find things easing up in the coming days. Moving, even under the best of circumstances is so stressful.

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 7:22am
I understand - I too start to nest up more and make as much of my family's life as calm and easy as I can, moreso lately with the chaos of the world (hard to do - my dh was a naval officer in desert storm, and he so wants to be over there doing his past job (he is retired), and I will not let him watch the war coverage when the children are awake).

:>) barb


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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 1:50pm
Hi Trudy,

I am too. I'm having a hard time with waking up it seems, I spend my days in a haze of sleepiness. I guess maybe it's a good sign I'm depressed.

I am keeping the tv off the war while the kids are up/around/home from school and I've picked up my knitting and rubberstamping again. But I'm having a super hard time getting the house clean, well keeping it clean. It's soon going to be getting it clean if I keep this up.

I'm feeling overwhelmed right now.

You're not alone, we'll get through this and be the better for it! It takes a lot of pressure to make a diamond!

Big Hugs, Kat

~Kat, kittyprints4