My History......

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My History......
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 6:52pm
IN 1999, i first came to the village, I began in Readers & Writers,

because I write poetry. I CL-ed on one of the boards there. Several

of us got very close and to this day, I still keep in touch a couple of them.

Ivillage boards are considered "public" our poems could be used,

without our permission. (Terms of Service) The CM there at that time, did not do

her job, and poets are very sensitive types. Terrible things happened on the board.

I am thankful to this day, that I made a couple of poet friends.

Then I went to Moneylife, I hosted a chat, called the "frugal living chat"

It was pretty good, I had lots of visitors to my chat. I then got an e-mail

from The Wall Street Journal, asking for an interview...I was "shocked!!"

I let my CM, know of the e-mail and forwarded her a copy of it. I waited a couple

of days, and asked her, what about it? She told me, it was SPAM and I was not to

respond. I didn't think so, I stepped away from my CL position. I received a phone

call from iVillage's front office, explaining to me that they "thought" it was, because it took a few days for the reporter to get back to them, it was for my

protection. I contacted WAll ST., and e-mailed back and forth a couple of times,

they wanted far too much personal information, so I declined the interview.

I only wanted to make a statement to Wall ST, that they need to pay attention to the

example they were setting, by their behavior. That many, many SAHMs needed to

learn "not to spend" so they could stay home.

Then I came to Home & Garden, here on this board, when Tracey was active, she also

e-mailed me and asked (she didn't have to) if she could use some of the information

that I posted in her next book. I told her sure, thanks for asking, even though she had already received permission from the village, about my posts.

Well, as far as i know, Tracey has had some really bad computer problems, and was desperately trying to retrieve information for her next book, from her broken

computer. She rarely posts anymore, I don't know why, seems odd to me.

I know a while back the Village did a downsize and many of the "experts" were let go.

I do NOT know if this was her case.

What I do (and did) is for the members! The SAHMs and "others" trying to live a more

simple "less stressed life" without bills! I was downsized, myself in 1986, from

a administrative position. Hence, why I am frugal, not lining the pockets of the big spenders!

This country, is run by the little guy, the soldiers, the truckers, the housewives.

We make up the majority, the bigwigs make their money from. I do wonder if any of them

"think" or even care, how much a pound of beef is?

Few of them could survive, if they had to give up their "big bucks"

Consider yourselves gifted, in that respect...We know...we are not caught in the snares

of "high finance"

But I feel strongly, about the Village and the CLs here, volunteers with very little

voices, made this site, kept it going...and if they had to pay for the work done,

by them, it may have been a better place.

IN MY OPINION, pay the CLs! Charge a small monthly fee, give us our old boards back

and ask permission if you want to use our work!

How hard is that?

OK, done ranting......sometimes it just sucks! uhoh, I wrote a book, LOL!


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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 7:10am
Hey Nancy, I started in 1999 too,

I started when we got our computer

for a Christmas gift. I went to the

Food channel first, I was looling

for a certain recipe.

The first board I hosted was the Get

Organized Cummunity board when it was

first created.

I was always fond of Miklynn and Tracifelts,

so when they left I just stepped in to keep

those boards active. This is the most

successful of those boards. The Homemade,

Best Made board was yanked in the middle

of a lively discussion.

Then there's the Genealogy board, I requested

that board, it was my only hobby that wasn't

covered on the Home & Garden channel, so

when it was active, I was named it's CL.

I agree, I used to get many gifts from iVillage,

I have a hat, tote bag, bumper stickers, magnets, etc.

You have a great idea about paying CL's but

I don't think that will happen.


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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 9:43am
Nancy thank you for that post I've always thought there's probably a lurker out there taking down all our great ideas & writing a book w/ them but I didn't think it would be ivillage! I agree CLs should be paid (I didn't know they weren't), I can't imagine how much time a CL sits on the computer everyday. I feel a little violated though to be honest. I feel like everything I've shared about myself & my life was to benifit others, not make money for ivillage. Poetry is probably worse since it's such a personal thing.... I don't know what to say, to be honest I may not be on the board much longer- cory
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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 9:47am
hey Nancy, I understand - I was cl of midwest at-home moms, and they have used quotes from me for their stuff on iVillage, and never even a thank you - I gave up my hat when we were about to move from the midwest, and even though asked to cl other boards, declined. iVillage is shooting themselves in the foot with this new format, getting rid of e-mail service, and other things. They are losing a lot of great ladies.

:>( barb


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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 11:46am
Well its about time lol you knew you had it in you. I also feel the same way, sometimes buiseness get to big for there pants. I personal would nerver want to be a CL cause i think you have to bite ur tongue on alot of issues and try to be nicy nicy about everything now not being a CL i can say what i want and cuss and let it all hang out. iM soooooooooooooooo glad you said something about all this for i dont know as much and didnt know how to word it but knew something wasnt right, as for Tracey i do miss her and i know she has such a buisy life but she has always been a good help and very encuoraging women> as for Nancy she is awsome and has been here even threw all her heartaches and i feel she has truely kept the board roling and interested. as for me i come and go as the seasons change but your always in my heart;) luv ya Nancy ps have i said i hate this new board lately lol well i do i dont even go into the other boards anymore so that sucks bye kelley xoxoxoxo
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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 11:35pm
Haven't read anyone else's post to you on this yet

(had computer trouble), but I DO agree with you in

every way! I do not understand at all what is happening

with we losing you, Brenda, & Frugal Living?

I would hate to lose what we have here, but you are right, it is

the people and the e-friendships/bonds that we have formed that

are so very precious to us.

I never did understand the cl position. Was it in every way

a totally volunteer effort, versus a paid position? You folks

have worked tirelessly, round the clock, to answer all questions,

research difficult questions, welcome newcomers, encourage & cheer

us all, & greatly benefit our lives each day!

Certainly, all of your work(s), such as poems & such, should be

your own, and no one (including ivillage) should have the right

to "use" your "personal productions," especially for their profit!

Am trying to like the new set-ups, but I find it very difficult to

go back to the time of day in which I would have last read the posts.

In other words, if Kelley makes a comment at 10am, perhaps I'd want

to read what others say back to her. Or maybe I ask a question at

9pm, but I also want to see what others say during the rest of the

evening, without having to scroll down & look at every topic for the

last few days just to find today's posts. Lastly (for now), if I would

like to find a posted recipe for a certain spaghetti sauce, only the

posting person might have titled it "Grandma Maria's Italian Dinner,"

I just might never find it again!

I'd been eagerly anticipating the new changes--and then the printing

became so very small I could barely read it! A friend suggested that

I go to the top of the page, click on View, then onto Text Zoom--the

problem was solved! Glad I didn't have to leave you all entirely!

Please know that your efforts, struggles, & caring about us and the

board itself are very much appreciated--you enhance our lives each

time you post! Hope you, Brenda, & Frugal Living don't disappear!

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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 10:52am
I hope we don't disappear either.

Thanks for the kind words Joy, I'll

wait and see whether the two boards

I stepped down from will make the



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