Here's my tips on frugal living m

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Here's my tips on frugal living m
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 11:15pm
I'm a stay at home mom so I do what I can to cut down on expenses. I buy winter clearance

for my family in the summer & vice I always check the clearance racks or alses when in store. Don't go into the store or mall if just bored u will buy something you don't need. It'll be a want. I only go shopping for needs. I guess on this part I'm a little different. I use credit card for everything where they will accept. I pay off everything at the end of month also. I don't like writing checks & if I use cash I don't know where it's gone. If I use credit card I can track where the money went & also get free gas or a free airline ticket for buying everyday stuff. I also put my utilies on credit card. It adds up points for me & I also have automatic payment set up. People think we have money because we do that but we really don't. I check the library for the books & videos I want to read & view and request them if they don't have it. Do price matching. Walmart will honor if u bring the ad same item for that price instead of driving & wasting gas. I only wash full loads of laudry. I use liquid detergent diluted for liquid soap dispender refills. I buy large quantity meats, vegtables, separate & bag & freeze. I empty my freezer before buying more meats again.

I use both sides of paper to print things that is not that important. I use up all the small hotel shampoos & soaps before buying new ones. I'm sure there's more I do but am blank right now.