whats going on in my life;)

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whats going on in my life;)
Fri, 04-04-2003 - 6:42am
hey ladies, WELL IM PLANNING MY NEXT dIVA PARTY this will be my 3rd one and we have so much fun we sang karioke and watch a movie at the last one since i had just had my bday i had wonderful yankee cangles lit and the pillar candles from last time lit i just save those for my diva party so i dont have to buy more. my hubby had bought me a dozen roses the weak b4 so i took rose petals and scattered them all over very nice looking, we had soooooooo much food so i just made this months invites and we r doing mexican food i also print my menu on the back so everyone knows what im making, i give out gifts and all that fun stuff from the dollartree i hope i didnt tell you guys this already lol it hard to tell with going threw the pain in the butt post. even though it looks like i spend alot of money on it but i am very frugal, i even went to a green house and planted flowers in cute pots i already had and places them around the room and gave 2 of them away as a drawling gifts. i wish some of you were closer like in kansas lol i have one friend from here that lives about an hour away i may see if she wants to come down so we can meet, wouldnt that be fun;) most the stuff i decorate with i already have or got on sale. we will also have a BIG summer party we supply all the meat and drinks (pop) and everyone has to bring a side dish and there own beer we have music and people r in the back yard or in the house and they can bring there kids we will buy briskets and ribs on sale and freeze them usually 99 cents a pound or less. and tons of chicken legs which the kids love i have my friend bring over her BIG karioke unit and we sing inside lol I just love to party lol but i dont drink anymore. i can act stupid without the help of beer lol. well this is getting longggggggggg bye gals luv kelley xoxoxoxo
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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 8:01am
Do you know how much I LOVE to hear about your Diva Parties? While I am really not even a party person myself (I kinda prefer quiet, one-on-one get-togethers with lady friends), I still do "enjoy myself," just hearing about all the trouble you go to in showing your caring for your friends and their fun times! I'll bet folks long to be on your special guest list!

How are the injured friends, and is anyone (family, friends, agencies) helping you out? Please do take care of yourself physically, too (I KNOW you have the fun part taken care of what with your parties!)! And how are your DH and kids, here & there, doing?

Thanks for always being so descriptive--it really makes it seem like we were all right there at your Diva Party!

No wonder Dorothy didn't want to stay in Oz, & wanted to be back in Kansas! LOL!

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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 8:40am
Those sound like soo much fun Kelley, I

live in Missouri, not too far from the

Kansas border, actually I live about 55 miles

from Kansas City,MO.

My late best friend had her baby in Topeka,


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