Kids Room

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Kids Room
Tue, 10-03-2006 - 9:57am

We live in a 1400sf ranch style home.

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Tue, 10-03-2006 - 4:05pm

Squeezing everything in can be tough. Great job- you are already using a lot of space saving ideas like loft beds.

The good news is that there may be more you can do to use the space you have in a creative way.

Also keep in mind that these years are a phase, all too soon the boys will be moving on, so we take the good with the bad.

But cleaning up every day can get very tiring very fast so here are some thoughts:

Is there a garage? If so can somethings be left there? Or if no garage can you do a small shed?

You mention a basement (not good for the home office) but possible good for other things? Like some toys?

Be sure you are using the backs of all the doors, that is a lot of space to hang or put stuff and we can forget about that area.

Also can things be hung in the room from the walls? Things that look nice but are also then easily accessible?

Does the furniture in the room do double duty? You've got the loft beds- great!
How about under the bottom bed? Or an ottoman to sit on that lifts up for storage.

Also they do make portable closets, some families put clothes in there and put them in another area- in part of the office maybe?

Remember to use all the vertical space- many times our furniture stops 18 or more inches before reaching the ceiling, don't leave that as wasted space.

Are some of these thoughts sparking an idea? I hope this helps- Jamie

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Mon, 10-09-2006 - 8:19am

Several Months ago, I took everything out of our kids' rooms, except their beds. And then only put back what they needed everyday.

Toys were moved into bins and stored in the basement. Only a few items were allowed to stay in their rooms.

I then made an area for their toys, and only what can fit in that area can stay in their rooms. They are allowed to switch out toys, but the rule is they have to put a toy in the basement storage in order to bring a new toy out.

This has worked fairly well for us, my 5 yo son in particular.

We also use the garage for items that we come and go with often. A set of shelves for band instruments, sports gear and such. Its easy to get to, but still out of the way and not overwhelming.


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Mon, 10-09-2006 - 4:12pm

Anna, how old are your kids?