Thought you all might like to read my

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Thought you all might like to read my
Wed, 04-02-2003 - 10:42pm
post to the Tips and Tricks board about the new board format.

It reads as follows, adn I wonder if I'll get any response:

Everywhere I've been this last week, people keep asking do I or don't I like the new boards.

Well, if I had never been to iVillage boards before, I can tell you, after my experiences with them using my SIL's desktop windows machine, I would never have become a member. I'm only sticking with it because of the friends I have made, but so many are no longer posting, it's making me wonder why I try.

AND, had not my laptop been in the shop when the boards turned over, I would have had to give an emphatic "WHAT boards?", followed by "I HATE THEM" answer.

I have a Mac powerbook laptop - admittedly an old one, but hey, computers are too expensive to turn them over every few years- which runs AOL (yes, I know - AOL is NOT the best ISP - but I have not been living in one place with a local ISP for any length of time, and when you have to change your email addy every several months in order to stay connected, you opt for the lesser of two evils. At least AOL can be dialed up all over the world... I've had to access the internet from England, China and Saudi Arabia in the last 11 years, and I find that all but Saudi had local AOL numbers) in a dial-up set-up (the computer is too old to run broad band, and besides, I'm in temporary housing, living at the inlaws - I can't ask them to sign up for cable just for me).

Well, I've had trouble with AOL and iVillage before - it WAS completely incompatible with the defunct email system and IS incompatible with the web site builder as well - which means I couldn't access any mail sent to me at iVillage for the entire time that new system was in effect, and have been unable to update my web site at iVillage since June of 2002 when I sneaked in via DH's laptop to add a "Star Site" logo to it!! AND I've been told by the techies that there was not going to be any attempt to fix this incompatiblity. Now I find it is completely incompatible with the new boards as well!

I managed to get one board called up - it took nearly ten minutes to load (and it wasn't one of the ones with heavy message loading, either). BPS was in the region of 48000 - not bad considering it was AOL, and comparable to SIL's gateway desktop machine on a local ISP. What is more, the lists of posts, when they finally DID appear, weren't vertical; they were horizontal (ten of them strung out from right to left so that I had to scroll from right to left to even see what little was there! It looked like what happened in the old format when someone started a line in a post with a space or a period!)!

When I tried to post to one folder on that page, I got that nasty little log-in request (are you ever going to fix THAT? Why should one have to log on every time when there is provision to save a password and the board recognizes my screen name when I get the boards up?). Well, it's an irritant on Windows, but impossible on my AOL! THAT took so long to load that I got an error message telling me that the request had taken too long and had expired, and telling me to start all over.

Meanwhile I'm tried to load the outline version of the same board (at least it looks like I can get pop-ups - I got the frame, but no text) but I gave up after about 15 minutes, when I had to force quit to get out of the loop it apparently was in! Never did see any text in that frame.

So - iVillage techies - are you in any way intending making iVillage compatible with AOL in any version? Or am I doomed to have to locate a Windows clone attached to a local ISP in orer to not only get on the boards, but also to post to them?


That Yank

Oh Yeah - my laptop is back, with a new operating system, a new version of AOL - and NO address book or old email file. If anyone who has ever emailed me wants me to re-enter their email addy in the now basically empty address book, please email me!

CL for "

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Thu, 04-03-2003 - 11:23am
Carol, so sorry to hear of all your misadventures with the boards! You must have smoke pouring from your ears about now! Hope there can be some sort of positive resolution.

If I can find your email addy -- I lost a bunch of my address book entries awhile ago -- I will send you mine. Or you can e-mail me through my profile. I updated the e-mail addy in it since the changeover.