The Baby Arrived !

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The Baby Arrived !
Mon, 04-21-2003 - 1:34pm
Evan Andreas Rosskopf was born on Sunday, April 13th!


10:40 a.m.

6.6 lbs

18.5 inches

The birth went smoothly and with an epidural the broken rib was not a problem. We've been home since Thursday (5 day hospital stay is standard here) and Hannes (DH) and I are really enjoying getting to know our little guy.

If you are interested in seeing pictures, check out our website:


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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 3:58pm
Hey Tina! Congratulations to you and Hannes on the new arrival. And a big welcome to baby Evan!

Glad to hear that all went well and the broken rib was not a problem. Does it bother you when you hold the baby?

Glad to hear that your DH will be home with you for awhile. Hope he is a good helper! LOL!

I'm off to check out your website!


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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 4:05pm
Okay, I'm back from looking at the pics and I am in love! He is so adorable! Can I sign on as a cyber-granny? LOL!


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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 4:14pm
Congrats on the new arrival. He is sure a cutie


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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 7:45pm
Congratultions Tina! He is a cutie. Is the blue feet from the foot printing they do for ID? Just curious. Wishing you and DH the best!



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Tue, 04-22-2003 - 9:44pm
Congratulations! Hope you are all enjoying each other!

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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 12:41pm
Congratulations! Enjoy your next few weeks - and sleep when the baby sleeps (if you can!).