OT - Looks like Charlie and I will need

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OT - Looks like Charlie and I will need
Tue, 05-06-2003 - 8:08am
a few more positive vibes...

His one-year PSA test came back low, but positive. The radiation oncologist told him that, if he had been undergoing radiation treatment for prostate cancer, they'd be turning cartwheels down the hall at such a number, but since he had had a prostatectomy, they were really concerned, since the number should be 0.000000...

So - as soon as he hears from a doctor at Flower Hospital, he will be starting radiation therapy for what they think are a few cells that escaped the prostate before surgery and are (we hope)lodged in the "prostate bed". (the numbers are too low to be able to detect metastasis at this time -- and that is the scary part -- metastasis in prostate cancer is to bone, usually the spine...). A 50-50 recovery with this treatment.

If that doesn't work, it's probably chemo...

So, let's hope the Harper luck is GOOD this time, that the cells are still in the prostate bed and localized, and that he's on the right side of that 50-50 line.

Meanwhile, retirement is looking more and more likely, and Charlie is seriously going to start planning for it --- we have been going to a financial planner and beginning to move assets to a single brokerage account (can't move it all until he officially announces to the company that he is retiring and can access his 401k, and he wants to hold off on this announcement as long as possible in order to maximize insurance payout on this radiation treatment). This means at least one trip to Houston to close out our major accounts there -- and retrieve our safety depposit box contents.

Also, sadly, I suspect we will begin looking for a house here in NW Ohio (NOT my number one choice, but we are both beginning to want our own space -- and our own "stuff", and I think SIL would like us gone, too, from a few hints she has been dropping recently). we intend to keep both CA houses in this event (both are money makers, and one is a great place to vacation)-- and probably sell the TX house (which has never had a positive cash flow).


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Tue, 05-06-2003 - 9:52am
Carol, my prayers are with you and Charlie! Hope those cells are localized and the radiation is successful in getting the little buggers! I honestly can't believe it is a year already! Keep your chin up!

Good luck with all the retirement planning stuff. It sounds pretty intense.

Getting a house of your own will probably be a big relief, even though it means another hassle! Hope you can find what you like.

Please keep us posted on all the happenings.


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Tue, 05-06-2003 - 10:02am
Of course lots of positive vibes are coming your way. I can imagine it would be nice to ahve your own home for all involved!

Hope the transisition is smooth and hassle free


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Tue, 05-06-2003 - 4:51pm
Please except my good vibes that is well soon.

I am sure if Charlie is going to be going throuh that medical treatment the last thing you both need is being with the inlaws. You will need your space and I bet Ohio is a cheaper place to live than the other 2 states. Find the positives and hold on tight.

Peace and prayers,

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Tue, 05-06-2003 - 9:40pm
Sending you and DH lots of positive prayers and thoughts during this very difficult time. I hope that everything will work out good.



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Wed, 05-07-2003 - 8:47pm
Sending you and your DH both prayers and good thoughts. I hope all goes well with both the medical and house situation.


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