Thanks for the warm welcome!

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Thanks for the warm welcome!
Sat, 05-24-2003 - 7:07pm
Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't had time to reply. I've been too busy gardening during the day and cross stitching at night! Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I'm glad I found this message board!

Right now I am working on two cross stitch projects. They are "Good-bye" presents to my favorite aerobics instructor, a mother of three, who has decided to go back to university to get her teaching certificate. I had downloaded a really cute pattern from cross called "Keep Fit" which has a barbell, two dumbbells, a skipping rope and a sneaker. The design was a square one but I framed it in a 4" x 6" frame and put the words "I Love" and "Aerobics", vertically on both sides of the design. I put a heart in place of the 'O' in Love. That made the design more rectangular. Unfortunately, the color guide for the sneaker motif was not particularly attractive (tan, red, blues). Wish I could have switched the colors to white, blue, grey -- more in keeping with a real running shoe.

The other cross stitch project I am working on is also a "good-bye" gift for my country line dance teacher (yep -- I do country line dancing...) It's a picture of three cowboy boots entitled "Kick Up Your Heels" from the book Fill the House With Cross Stitch by Catherine Austin. This will eventually go into the glass top of a wooden trinket box. I found these neat, unfinished wood boxes with a 5 x 7 glass photo insert in the lid, at a liquidation/salvage store in Boston. I bought three. I think they were $4 a piece. Now I wish I had bought 10 because they display the cross stitch soooo beautifully. And the box itself is pretty and very utilitarian. My line dance teacher is a chocoholic like me so I'll fill it with Hershey's Hugs and Kisses.

I won't bother telling you about the unfinished (80% completed) Aran sweater that I am knitting and for which I might not have enough yarn! I really have to sit down and figure out how to fix that one!

Happy stitching,

Peach Blossom