out of topic- due date

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out of topic- due date
Tue, 12-22-2009 - 4:33pm

just to let you ladies know- I will be due with another girl between march 31- to april 16( still haven't settled on an exact due date due to baby measuring small for a date) belly getting big and I am just settling on "Noa" as a name while preggers since she is so active.

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Tue, 12-22-2009 - 5:55pm
Ah, A girl! Well, Sophia will be happy to have a little sister!

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Wed, 12-23-2009 - 1:01pm

Another girl how wonderful~I have 3 dd's (31,28 & 24) and 3 grandchildren (grandson 6, granddaughter 5 & 2) hope you come up with a girl's name soon. And I hope you don't lose your beloved sewing room. Can't you put the two girls in the same room, my sister & I shared a room for over 14 years.


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Wed, 12-23-2009 - 8:53pm
Let your girls share a room and keep your sewing room! It should not be a problem for awhile even if Sophia's room is small. My sister and I shared a room, too, for as long as we lived at home.

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Wed, 12-23-2009 - 9:57pm

Hey, congratulations!

I am happy for your.... if it`s another girl... the bond between sisters is something special! In any case I wish you a healthy baby!

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Thu, 12-24-2009 - 2:25am


Congratulations on the upcoming baby daughter. Like the others, I say don't lose your sewing room. I also shared a room with my sister until I was in my late teens. Certainly taught me how to get along with other people and that I couldn't have my way all the time. Of course my sister and I are twins so we were always together!

Happy making pretty little girl baby clothes! Big sis will love having a younger sister most of the time.

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