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just starting
Sun, 02-05-2006 - 6:11pm
I decided to make my MIL a quilt for Christmas and seeing as I've never made one before I thought now would be the best time to start. My question is how. What kind of fabric should I use, is cotton the best? I'm planning on getting a few family photos printed on fabric to stitch on so it's like a scrapbook quilt. I want it just larger than a lap blanket. Any tips and ideas would be great
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Mon, 02-06-2006 - 9:39am

Hi, Angelfish and welcome to Stitcher's Niche.

I think you are wise to start now as a first quit is always a learning experience.

You are right, generally 100% cotton is considered ideal for piecing quilt tops and while other fabrics are sometimes used as well (flannels, wools, and even exotic fabrics like satins and velvets, the latter especially in crazy quilting), they offer their own challenges which might be more than you are willing to tackle in a first quilt.

Your best source of 100% cotton fabrics is a quilt shop, or the quilting section of a craft store like JoAnn's.

The best quilts usually have three values in them: dark, medium and light. Colors are your own choice and you idea of making a scrapbook quilt is great. Check around for the fabric for photo transfers. I've seen some in quilt shops and there may even be some in your computer store (HP has some printing software and fabric "paper" especially for quilters...).

Have you picked a pattern yet?

Some good sites to check out for beginning quilters is:

http://www.roserushbrooke.com/handpiece.html (for hand piecing)
http://bits.ajpadilla.com/content/category/11/36/80/ (for hand piecing)
http://www.victorianaquiltdesigns.net/MachinePiecing.htm (for machine piecing)

Please do come back often and keep us posted on your progress. Also, don't hesitate to ask questions when they arise!

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