Update on the dress

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Update on the dress
Wed, 07-02-2003 - 2:20pm
Last night in my sewing class, the teacher attached the yoke to the front of the jacket, leaving the pocket open. It's so neat! She Also top-stitched the collar for me, because I'm getting too nervous now. I made two of the sleeve darts on the wrong side, and had to do them again. Then I made them too big, so had to do them AGAIN! She used the seamripper, because it's a sheer, fraying fabric, and my hands are shaking from nerves sometimes.

My homework for this weekend is to set in the sleeves and roll the hems, then put the invisible zipper in the skirt, stitch and turn the waistband pieces, attach them to the skirt, and maybe even hem it.

Next Tuesday in class we'll do the buttons and button holes, hem the jacket, and hem the skirt if I didn't get it done over the weekend.

If we run out of time Tuesday, which I doubt, we'll still have Wednesday for an 'emergency' lesson before the wedding on Friday 7/11. I can't wait!!

Lee Ann

Lee Ann


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Wed, 07-02-2003 - 4:18pm
Deep breaths now, Lee Ann! :o)

Don't let those nerves get in the way of getting the dress done. Just take things slowly and carefully! You will get past this!

I honestly don't know how much chance I will have to get back to post here until after your `big day' so I will wish you all the best now. We will want a full report on the wedding, you know!

Good luck on not spilling the beans to everyone too soon! I know how hard that must be when you are so excited.

Hugs! Becky