Goals for Monday May 5, 2003

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Goals for Monday May 5, 2003
Mon, 05-05-2003 - 7:32am
How did last week go for you? What are your plans and goals for this week?? Inquiring minds want to know so tell us all here!


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Mon, 05-05-2003 - 7:42am
This is what I said for last week:

So for the next week I want to try to get at least the bunnies done and if there is enough time maybe get the sampler almost done.

I also really need to get this house cleaned-being on crutches last week means my house is so messy it is ridiculous!

I want to get some more sewing done, I have done well getting several new outfits made last week from the new patterns I picked up. I will be ready for that show in June yet. I would also love to get the skirt made for my dd we cut out last week.

I also want to look into figuring out a way to make a window seat for my bay window in the living room. We seem to be using the window to sit in alot more than before and I would love to see a pillow there.

And I got next to none of it done! I did get about an hour of stitching on the bunnies and I did manage to do enough sewing that I can do the show next month cause I now have enough stock-barely but enough. Nothing else other than cleaning got done!

I did do some major clearing out in my material drawers and managed to get rid of alot of material to recyling-my car was full when I left here yesterday!

Now for the week ahead, it is going to be a full one with appointments and working on Friday at Walmart. But I hope to at least get an hour of stitching on the bunnies-I am getting close to being finished and would love to finish this sampler soon.

Hope everyone has a good week


The best thing for the inside of a man/woman is the outside of a horse-heard during President Reagan's Funeral


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Mon, 05-05-2003 - 4:14pm
I think I did okay this week. I finished the mistletoe and holly in the lower right corner of my design. Now I need to work on the ribbon and bells in that corner. I don't really know how far I will get with that this week.

I am working on a new project that I want to have finished by Friday. I am stitching photo mats for photos of me and my two best friends at our last outing for ice cream. I am stitching the words "We may not have it all together ... But together we have it all!" on 18 count aida and will use that to mat the photo. I have the stitching completed for one of them. We are meeting for ice cream again on Friday and I would like to have these ready to give them then. Wish me luck! I still have to cut the mats and get the fabric on them after I finish the stitching. The stitching works up pretty fast, once I got my spacing all figured out.

So, my goal for this week is going to be to get that done, and then if I have any time left, go back to the Christmas design.

If the weather co-operates I would like to get some annual flowers set out this week and get some tomatoes and peppers at the garden center. Plus a lot of work in my perennial beds! Lots of grass and weeds to remove from those!

Happy stitching to all of you.


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Mon, 05-05-2003 - 4:33pm
I am redoing the doily in filet as I think I finally get the pattern and it is going to be so cool to see it done and blocked out. It will make a lovely gift.!

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Tue, 05-06-2003 - 8:37am
Well, last week I stitched a lot -- but not what I had planned to stitch!

I did two finger-tip towels adn a bib for a baby shower (patterns from a chart calle "Frogs 'n Bugs" and two butterflies (based on some motifs from Donna Kooler's 555 cross-stitch motifs) for quilt patches (to go in a baby quilt for that same shower).

Also worked on retirement planning...

and acquired a new laptop!!! (A Mac Powerbook 17" G4!!! WOO HOO) which I am now fiddling with when not on line. Gotta getit online soon, though, since i need to register *IT* *AND* the MS Office software I got with it before the latter expires... Yes, I'm *STILL* a Mac person - alwasy will be -- and maybe OS X with AOL-for-OSXwill work better in this new iVillage format...

This week's goals: well it's Tuesday already and one day lost in the stitching arena - I still have the Christmas stocking to work up (it's only a bout 1/3 stitched and rapidly looking like a WIP that's turning into a UFO)

Yesterday we were back at the financial planner, getting some assets transferred into a single brokerage account, getting ready to manage for retirement. This took ALL afternoon! And we only got part way through before I finally said ENOUGH! This was going WAY to fast for me...

Today: a haircut, and Dear Niece's band concert tonight... Dh is being interviewwwed for a security clearance for a former employee of his this afternoon, so this afternoon (much to SIL's distress -- she considers the house to "unclean" for a stranger to be invited in -- she's a *REAL* neat freak...) an FBI agent will be sitting on the front porch steps with Charlie, asking him questions about my best friend's husband!!!

Tomorrow: going to Columbus to meet with DH's baby brother and attend a Fleetwood Mac concert (why? I have no idea! This was all DH's idea and he didn't consult with me... I must confess - I don't know if I know of a single song that I would recognize as a Fleetwood Mac song!)

Friday, DH has an AA retreat over the weekend -- so I suspect that Thursday (after we return from COlumbus) through Sunday, I will be able to stitch a lot!


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Wed, 05-07-2003 - 8:44pm
*also known as my maniacal life*

I got absolutely no stitching done this week. I started to pick it up for a couple of minutes, but didn't do more than maybe two stitches.

I *did* get two job applications done. I'm trying to find something that has some promotion potential. I have the best job and boss in the world already, but my husband is transferring to Germany, so I need to do something.

I also got all my workouts (both yoga and aerobic) in - very important!

At work, we have VIP visitors this week and next, then again the following week a different group, so I am just running getting stuff finalized.

Maybe I'll get some stitching in over the weekend. I know I'll be working on more applications. When I need a break, I will sit and listen to a new thunderstorm cd and hibernate with tv and videos (something that requires absolutely no thought whatsoever).


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