Yet another Monday - June 30

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Yet another Monday - June 30
Mon, 06-30-2003 - 10:49am
These Mondays just keep on a'comin' whether we are ready or not!

So confess! How did you do with your goals? And what do you hope to do this week?

By the way, sorry I am a little late getting here to post this today. And I guess Beth is still having computer problems, too. Neither of us would mind if the first person to pop in here on Monday morning would post this thread! Or just go ahead and wait for us -- whatever! LOL! Just know that you would not be stepping on any toes if you don't want to wait.


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Mon, 06-30-2003 - 10:57am
Well, I am sure glad I didn't say I would FINISH that next sprig of holly and mistletoe. I did get it started, but we had such a nice week weather-wise (although a bit HOT!) that I couldn't just sit around and stitch!

We had a whole week of sunny weather, so I did get some gardening done. Some veggies it is just too late to even try. Others I'll wait and do a fall crop. But I did get some in and finished up all my flower beds, which I must say look really nice now!

On the work front, I have very little to show for my efforts this week, but hope to get finished up this week, so that I can enjoy my sister's visit and my trip to Mom's without having to worry about it!

Still trying to get some cleaning done. Did get the guest bedroom set up and clean. But there is still much to do!

I doubt if I will stitch much this week. Anything I get done will be a bonus!

Happy stitching!


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Mon, 06-30-2003 - 3:46pm
Last week's goals:

1) Continue working on wedding gift on the train. *IN PROCESS*

2) Mark pattern pieces *DONE*, make waistband of skirt of taupe georgette overlayed with sheer fabric *NOT DONE*, lined with interfacing *NOT DONE*, attach to skirt *NOT DONE*, install invisible zipper (these are deviations from the pattern) *NOT DONE*, hem skirt *NOT DONE*

3) do yoga and take vitamins :-) *Did yoga on weekend, take vitamins during the week*

Goals for this week:

1) Continue working on wedding gift cross stitch on train

2) I think I'll make the waistband of the skirt plain rather than overlay with sheer. That way I can wear it with any top when ballroom dancing. Line it with interfaceing. Install invisible zipper. Sew up sides of skirt. Hem (I can do that now, because I've got the shoes. 3" heels, yikes!). I'll try to do all that tonight after ring shopping and food shopping, but I'm fairly exhausted. I may have to take 2 sewing classes this week.

3) get closer to 8 hours of sleep per night. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Do yoga. Take vitamins.

4) Assemble jacket in sewing class tomorrow night. Install sleeves.

5) Keep doing flylady routines, so I don't lose the pieces or instructions to my dress.

6) This weekend Dear Step Son arrives from Colorado, and he and DF will move the entertainment center out of the laundry room so I can set up my sewing machine in there, yahooey!!!

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Tue, 07-01-2003 - 3:22am
Just getting online for the first time in a few days!

My goal last week was to finish personalizing Evan's birth announcement. Well, I got halfway through the personalization. Not bad, as the weather had been (until today) extremely hot (100+ and humid) and that made for a very crabby 12-week-old!

My goal for this week - finish the personalization. That's all because we leave on Thursday for a few days in Paris (I live in Zurich, so it's not that far away).

Everyone have a great week!


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Tue, 07-01-2003 - 6:43am
WEll, I bogged down a bit this week -- spent more time reading and playing games on my new laptop than on stitching (It was SOOOO hot in my "room" that I couldn't see for the sweat and the bugs! Not good stitching weather!)!

Anyway, on the "Historic Lighthouses" piece, got the motif for Maine (Portland Head Light)finished and most of the motif for Oregon (Coquille River Lighthouse) --- only had a bit of white (I'm beginning to hate this piece because of the white, stitched on pale cream!), the red backstitching for the name and the black backsitching for the details.

Yesterday (so technically part of this week's goals), I finished the cross-stitch part of the Oregon lighthouse and the red backstitching label, and started on the black backsitching. That shouldn't take too much longer, so that leaves the California lighthouse (Point Sur), two tiny sailboats (which DH says look like multi-colored ducks!) and a compass rose (lots of metallic thread *and* mostly backstitched) to go... I can probably get most of the stitching done on "Point Sur" but I wouldn't count on the white (LOL) or the backstitching for this week...

Last week, I took my drivers' license written exam (passed with 100%!) and signed up for a few lessons with the local driving training school (there is this maneuverabliity part of the driving tst I'm not sure I can pass otherwise --- DH nearly didn't, squeaked by by one point). The lessons are Wednesday andThursday at 1:30.

Last week I went to the dentist (finally, after three reschedulings!), got my teeth cleaned, x-rayed adn prodded by the dentist. Am set now for another six months!

Got a letter from the moving people. Our HHE were to be packed between yesterday and today! They are supposed to be delivered between July 7 and July 10. Meanwhile, DH picked up the keys to the house yesterday... The inlaws go on vacation July 6 - 12, so we are supposed to "house-sit" that week (which really means feed the cats, make sure the dog pees OUTSIDE rather than inside, and water the garden...). THAT means we are probably going to be mired down in unpacking for weeks AFTER the 12th... If all that stuff gets moved in and piled up rather than unpacked as we go, I will rapidly get frustrated, tired of the dust (and the related sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose). Sire won't bemuch stitching after the 12th!


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Tue, 07-01-2003 - 12:48pm
Best of luck to you with the move, Carol! Just keep thinking how good it will be to have your own space!!!


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Tue, 07-01-2003 - 12:51pm
It is good to see you finding more time to post.

Poor Evan with that heat! My DS was very sensitive -- got heat rash at the drop of a hat!

Enjoy your time in Paris.


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Tue, 07-01-2003 - 7:43pm
Well the only thing I've finished in the last month(ok make it 2 mnths) is a scarf(knitted) and the quilt bag which turned out well and it is too big LOL. I'm now working on 2 smaller versions of it w/ kid prints(a medley of turquoise, yellow, red, etc w/ kitty cats, polka dots, flowers, etc. It'll be cute. and the lining is light aqua w/ green pawprints. My other project lately has been searching for a new sewing machine. I've got it down to 3. Wish me luck. Happy sewing ladies. Jennifer
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Wed, 07-02-2003 - 10:48am
Yes Beth is still havibng puter problems and this is starting to royally get on my nerves! I hope to be back on line by tomorrow but that is seriously in the hands of the technicians that seem to be holding my puter hostage! I will post my goals as soon as I can get back on line cause today I am seriously running out of puter time at the library!


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