Monday Goal Updates for July 28, 2003...

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Monday Goal Updates for July 28, 2003...
Mon, 07-28-2003 - 9:32am
Here I am am posting the updates question, when I have done nothing at all stitching related (unless you count moving my stitching stash from the inlaws' guest bedroom to the hallway here in the new house!).

So anyway, you stitchers out there: did you meet last week's goals (if you set any, that is); do you have goals for this next week (and what are they)?

Remember, they don't HAVE to be stitchery goals...


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Mon, 07-28-2003 - 10:53am
Thanks for posting this, Carol!

I did okay with most of my goals. I am still a bit behind with my interviewing schedule, but have several appointments scheduled for this week. And I did not get any crocheting done! I need to round up my patterns and get some yarn. I guess that will be a goal for this week.

I did get a couple of hours of x-ing done and hope to do at least that much more this week. I got the holly done in the last corner, which just leaves the mistletoe and two bells to finish the border. I doubt I will get that far this week since the bells use the blending filament, which always slows me down.

Need to run to pick up a couple of things for my sister, who is passing back through here tomorrow night on her way back to Phoenix. So that is a goal for today.

Hope you all had a good week. Looking forward to everyone's reports.


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Mon, 07-28-2003 - 8:24pm
Thanks for posting this Carol-I was out running around trying to get 50 thousand things done this morning

"Now for the week ahead. Tomorrow we are debating driving an hour and heading out to the Waterslides as a family even if they do predict rain- we will be wet anyway so what real difference will it make! "

We went and had an absolute ball. But climbing the mountain and the stairs to get up to the slides about did us all in!

"I also work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday so it doesn't leave much time for anything else as I am exhausted at the end of the day. I do have 8 Doll Christening outfits that were just ordered and I think maybe I have 6 made so that is a top priority to finish and get out." I actually got those done and out the next day as all the gowns were made and I only had to sew ribbon on the bonnets

"I really want to get back to stitching but time and energy seem to be lacking" On Thursday and Friday the store was so quiet I was almost comatose so I managed to get a ton of stitching done! I am coming along nicely on the horse design.

Now for the week ahead I can make NO plans. I am expected at the hospital at 8 am to go in for surgery on a lump I have on my right shoulder. The doctor thinks it is a cyst but won't know til he opens up my shoulder to look so I have no idea what the recovery time will be. So any sewing or stitching or any goals of any kind will have to wait a couple of weeks at least. I have also had to put off the foot injection until my shoulder is healed enough to use crutches. Such fun my life -NOT.

I will get back on line as soon as I can and until them will leave you in Becky's capable hands!


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Tue, 07-29-2003 - 11:57am
I'm doing well on the wedding cross-stitch for my coworker, because I'm taking the train home this week, and last night the train in front of us broke down, so I got 1.5 hours of stitching done (part of the 2 hour commute home last night).

This morning I finished all the flowers and border, and started their names. Tonight I'll finish their names and wedding date.

Tomorrow morning I'll add the "One Heart, One Love", then tomorrow night and the rest of the week I'll do the backstitching. This weekend I'll go to Michaels to get a mat and frame. I've never matted or framed anything before, any tips?

Lee Ann

P.S. Non-stitching goals: work out today, tomorrow, and Friday. Iron and hang curtains in foyer. Wait for inheritance check to clear, then order drapes for dining room and bedroom, and a dining room table, chairs, buffet and rolling serving cart. Maybe my diamond engagement ring that goes with my wedding band too! And a computer.

Lee Ann