Monday Goals for August 18, 2003

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Monday Goals for August 18, 2003
Mon, 08-18-2003 - 8:57am
I guess I'm her early, so I'll post this. Hope the CLs don't mind!

My goal has been to finish Evan's Christening gown. Finished making it this weekend! Now, I only need to add decorative details. If I get it finished timely, I may even make the bonnet . . . LOL

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Mon, 08-18-2003 - 1:15pm
I really don't remember what I said I'd do...

The basement people are still here --- the walls are done, the doors are hung, the lights and heating/AC are connected, and he is finishing up the ceiling today. Tomorrow: CARPET! Hooray! Then we can start moving in furniture!

The furniture repairman came and has done his estimate --- we should be getting it via email soon. he thinks it can all be fixed and/or cleaned...

And DH got his first (of three --- the other two came today) of his retirement 401k checks to roll over into an IRA, so NOW we finally will have cash flow! I was beginning to sweat the outflow...

Meanwhile, what with waking up with DH's cold on Monday (it lasted about two days; a dry cough and fever blisters are still hanging on) and with house guests Friday (they were in transit from an assignment in Las Vegas to a new job in Washington, DC), I didn't get ANY unpacking done.

Oh, yes, and a went out with DH on Sunday and praticed driving for my driving test. Maybe one more week?

As for stitching, I did one strand of the metallic (three-strands wrapped around a cotton strand! Very rough, adn very difficlt to pull through the fabric) floss on the compass rose on the historic lighthouse sampler and hated it! So I ripped it out (NOT an easy task, let me tell you; it was harder to get out than to get in!). I went out and bought blending filament and gold DMC cotton and will try that instead! I also designed a 5" x 5" Halloween sampler for a swap I'm in (the first ever where I actually am going to send some of my own stitching to someone else! Major Fear!) and kitted it out, as well as bought floss for another two swaps (just materials in these --- floss, fabby, patterns, etc.) *and* a new OTT light (40% off coupon at JoAnn's! WOO HOO!). DH also bought me a craft table suitable for cutting out quilt fabric (25% off coupon at Hancock's). The light and the table await the carpet installation, and will then go in the crafting area of the new basement room!

This week, I started the sampler --- half the first row is stitched (a band of candy corn): four rows (one of trick-or-treating ghosts, one that says "Trick or Treat", one of trick-or-treating costumed kids, and another candy corn border) to go! I also just volunteered to make a part of a mobile for an expectant mother on another board and she is sending the fabby and floss Wednesday, so I'll need to get that sampler done fast so I can get my mobile part done in time for the baby's delivery (the sampler is to be mailed by September 15th; I don't have a date on the mobile yet).

I have bills to pay, the two swaps to package up and mail, and we are traveling to Medina, OH to meet a cat breeder on Friday (there's apparently a cat show there this weekend and she is showing her animals) and bring home a female kitten for BeauJangles (he'll LOVE that! NOT!). Unfortunately, DH has arranged to meet up with the BIL-from-H*** on the way to Medina (what a way to spoil a long drive! Oh well, at least we aren't staying over with them --- as if they'd ask!).

An I suppose somewhere in there, I really need to unpack a few more boxes of stuff, right?

By the way, starting the 24th, JoAnn's is celebrating their 60th "birthday" and are handing out 40%-off coupons for it! They are good from August 24 through September 6! Meanwhile, the same flyer that had the 40% coupon I used for the light has a 40% off coupon for internet shopping! I may just look into that and see if I can find a cutting mat for that table!


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Mon, 08-18-2003 - 5:40pm
Well I finished my goal from last week...I finished the red apple and turkey for the fall wreath. This week my goal is to glue on the pieces on the wreath and pick up fake fall flowers to stick on the wreath.

also between working on the last supper, i'm starting to stitch a shadow box this week of the beach, my goal is to get that started and get at least half way done by sunday.

til next week


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Tue, 08-19-2003 - 9:23am
My sewing teacher went out of business! She may hold lessons in her home, I'll have to wait and see. I feel so alone!!


DH had some trouble hanging the brass rod in the archway between the living and dining rooms, so the burgundy velvet curtains and cream colored velvet fabric are still waiting to be washed and hung, and washed, sewn and hung.

Got some more Dryel, so tonight I'll finish dry cleaning the green crescents and hang them in the foyer.

I still need to take the hems down on two sheer lace panels for the front porch, and hang them. DH said he was going to get more curtain rods so I can hang the valance over the transom window in the entry porch, and also hang the lace sheers I have ready to go up on the back porch.

Returned bedroom curtains to yesterday. Found fabric on, but am waiting until September to make that purchase.

Sewing room:

Have brought sewing table, machine, serger, iron, ironing board, thread holders, tailor's ham, sleeve pressing board, pattern boxes, dress form, and cutting mat to new sewing/laundry room. DH hung the ironing board holder, and still needs to hang thread holders and shelves. I cleaned disgustingly filthy window and put a lace sheer curtain up.


I'm making a medieval costume for the King Richard's Faire, and will use up some white stretch velvet, try to dye it dark green, and use either some old light green georgette, or some gorgeous dark green velvet with gold flowers on it for a tunic. DH still hasn't even picked out a pattern, we'll probably be going in September. I bid on a wig on ebay, I hope I win it!


My plum gown has a broken zipper as well as being too long to dance in, so it's back in the mending bag. Took in waist of lime green skirt. Fixed handle of tote bag. Need to take down hem of dark green skirt so it's not a mini when I sit down. Also need to take down hem of travel pants, they're showing my ankles.


Continue on the summer panel of the bell pull while commuting on the train.


Need to bring some clothes to cleaner's for storage Saturday, from season #1 (May 26-July 13) Season #2 ends August 29. DH's dress shirt needs to be brought to cleaner's so he can wear it 8/26 for our wedding re-enactment photography session.

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Tue, 08-19-2003 - 3:51pm
Tina, I sure am glad you posted this thread, since BOTH of your CL's appear to be AWOL this week! LOL!

I guess better late than never is my motto this week -- so here is my report.

I think I would do better if I actually remembered what my goals are! I had to look back at last week's post to see and found I didn't do to well at achieving them. I think that sort of defeats the purpose of setting goals, so I will have to write them down somewhere where they will haunt me, I guess!

"I guess I'd better get those pants hemmed. I have been asked about them several times in the last week or two!" Well, I got asked about them again yesterday! Poor DH! I will have to really work at getting them done this week!

"I'd like to pick a pattern for the first afghan, get the yarn that is needed and get started." Didn't happen. I have a gift certificate and a 40% off coupon for Michael's that I want to use for that. I just didn't have time to get to Michaels, but will do that Thursday.

"And I will try to keep plugging away at the lettering on my Christmas piece. Let's see if I can find a couple of hours somewhere to work on that." Well, finally one that I did!

I also need to find time to get some of the weeds out of my garden and flower beds." I did that, too. My garden is slow this year because of the cool, wet spring we had. About the only thing I have in abundance right now are eggplant! Anybody know any good eggplant recipes?!?!

For this week I guess I've GOT to get those pants done! And I will also get a few hours worth of stitching done. And get the materials for that afghan. Other than that, I don't know.

Hope you are all doing better at your goals than I am right now!


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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 12:42am
Finally getting in to post - my internet has been really bad this past week!

Last week I said "This week, I hope to get the cloud and sun finished, get more stuff put away, and the workouts probably won't go so well, as I have an old friend visiting for only one day, but that is on one of my regular workout days. I guess friends are really worth sacrificing for. (My workouts don't usually get pushed aside for anything!)"

Well, I got the cloud done, but didn't start on the sun. I got a lot of stuff put away, some partying done, and a wonderful visit with my friend. I am so glad my husband told him to contact me to get together.

This week, my goals are to get back on track with my stitching and do the sun.


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