Monday Goals: August 25 - 31 (m)

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Monday Goals: August 25 - 31 (m)
Mon, 08-25-2003 - 9:16am
It's that time again!

Did you set goals last week?

Did you meet these goals?

Do you have goals for the coming week?

Come on! Fess up!


That Yank

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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 10:01am

I posted a LONG response to myself adn it disappeared! So here goes again.

Last week:

1. The basement people finished latere than expected so the carpet didn't get in until Wednesday. DH and BIL moved some of the entertainment center in to see if it fit, and unpacked my sewing table to see how to put it together (all the screws in the package caused them to put off that task to another day!). The electrician was supposed to be here yesterday to finish the wiring for switches in the unfinished part of the basement, but I don't think he showed up...

2. The furniture repairman hasn't sent his estimate yet...

3. DH rolled over part of his 401k distribution, put the rest in a high-interest account, and is waiting until 2004 to finish up with the investment program. Meanwhile, we live on capital, since the distributions put us into a higher tax bracket than expected and we can't afford to get any more this year unless we want to pay quarterly. As it is, we have to do an estimate of Ohio taxes since they didn't pay those when they with-held fereral income and SS taxes on the distribtuons...

4. I STILL didn't get ANY unpacking done.

5. And I didn't practice driving last week either...

6. As for stitching, I finished about 60% (three rows, and I'm about half-way done with the fourth row, with one more row to go...) of the Halloweeen exchange sampler --- ripping out a lot as I went because the slubs on the linen throw off my count way too often *and* I found I had picked up two wrong colors (WAY wrong, and I *don't* have tthe right ones in my stash) when I bought the floss (either I reached into the wrong tray as I was grabbing numbers or the colors were *in* the wrong tray) so am substituting as I go...

7. I paid bills, but there were more that came in...

8. I didn't package up the two swaps, but I did find the right sized envelopes and appropriate cards for enclosing...

9. Picked up the kitten in Medina, OH (and BeauJangles is NOT a happy cat, believe me!)

10. Spent 5 long hours with BIL-from-H-*-*-*, and discovered that he got back, in spades, the hassle he gave us when his mother's estate was being settled --- from his wife's family when her father's estate was being settled! What goes around, comes around! I'd feel for them, since that very close Italian family is now fractured, but BIL's and SIL's attitude was so "why poor little me" that I can't. After all, despite what we heard from them as to what happened, we've experienced these people first-hand, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the money-grabbing, greedy attitude came out with them for her father's estate as well...

11. Bought a xyron machine with my 40%-off coupon at JoAnn's online (DH doesn't know) adn on Thursday, Dh and I went shopping at Hancock's again (for a self-healing cutting mat for the sewing table) and a sewing machine store (for a cabinet for my as-yet-still-in-the-original-box Bernina!

Not a bad week, if I do say so myself.

This week: finish that sampler, send off those exchanges, pay the new bills, deal with the security system installer (this afternoon), deal with American Express *and* the bank wher we have our mortgage to figure out why they messed up our automatic payment plan (the mortage bank copied the wrong account number down from a voided check *they* were provided... but is trying to blame us!), and train the new kitten to not use the furniture and the carpeted stairs as a scraching post (the breeder had assured us she was post-trainde! HA!).

Not as bad as last week, so I suppose I should also start unpacking again! AAARGH!


That Yank

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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 12:07pm

DH hung the brass rod in the archway between the living and dining rooms, I put up two burgundy panels just to see how they look. They're too short, and one's on upside down! I'll have to take them back down and let the hems down. Got some more Dryel, so need to finish dry cleaning the green crescents and hang them in the foyer.

I still need to take the hems down on two sheer lace panels for the front porch, and hang them. Hung the valance over the transom window in the entry porch, and also hung the lace sheers I have ready to go up on the back porch, except one, because the curtain rod was broken when I opened it.

Didn't wait until September to purchase bedroom curtain fabric and drapery lining on because I was in a snit Friday and it made me feel better :-)

Sewing room:

Is a mess! Laundry, mending, sewing projects everywhere. I'll try to clean it up tonight.


Didn't have enough white stretch velvet to dye green for my dress, so ordered green satin from (see snit item above :-) DH chose a knightly pattern, and yesterday I dry-cleaned the chain mail fabric and cut it out. I won a wig on ebay to go with my costume.


My plum gown has a broken zipper as well as being too long to dance in, and it's still in the mending bag. Need to take down hem of dark green skirt so it's not a mini when I sit down. Also need to take down hem of travel pants, they're showing my ankles. The button on the pants I'm wearing is about to come off. Wish I had a mending kit with me.


Continue on the summer panel of the bell pull while commuting on the train.


Brought clothing to cleaners for storage, from season #1 (May 26-July 13) Season #2 ends August 29. DH will pick up his dress shirt so he can wear it tomorrow for our wedding re-enactment photography session. Need to iron the skirt of my wedding dress.

Lee Ann

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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 12:55pm
Well, I did a LOT better this week!

I said "For this week I guess I've GOT to get those pants done! And I will also try to get a few hours worth of stitching done. And get the materials for that afghan."

And I did get the pants hemmed -- not just the two that were in my mending pile forever, but another pair that I found in the bottom of DH's closet, still in the bag!

I got quite a bit of stitching done. I am almost done with the top row of lettering now!

And I went to Michaels and got some yarn to practice the pattern I picked for the afghan. It is made up of some kind of funky granny squares and I need to practice getting my stitches placed right. The first square I attempted ended up a bit lopsided, so I have to try again, following the directions a bit more carefully!

I am not sure about goals for this week. I will definitely finish that top row of lettering on my stitching. I will get quite a bit more of it done if I decide to take it to my mother's this weekend. Or I might take my old Christmas ornament project on perforated plastic that I have been working on for years. I think I have 8 done out of a set of twelve.

I will be driving up to my mother's in northwest PA on Thursday. Will spend the long weekend there and drive back on Tuesday.

While at Mom's, I would like to get a new set of kitchen curtains made for her. The ones that are up on those windows are in tatters! They are not a standard size that I can just go out and buy.

Here's wishing the best to all of you on accomplishing the goals you set!


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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 8:54pm
Well last week I've reached one of my goals.

I finished putting together the fall wreath I cross stitched and added fake flowers in between the pumpkins, apples and the turkey. I took a pic of it and hopefully will have time to make up a website showing the completed work.

unfortunately, the beach cross stitch project is taking longer than i thought, so i am not halfway done....

my goal for this week is to try and get half of the beach shadowbox done and to try and get more work done on the last supper. Also I hope to get the fall basket all together and wrapped up for the giveaway.

i guess that's it for now.



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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 9:14pm
Let me try this again! I set no goals last week cause I knew there was no hope I would even get close.

So this week I am wanting to get a western shirt made by Sunday so I can wear it in a parade on Sunday. Actually I got most of it done tonight just need to figure out how to do button holes on my machine.

I also want to get back to working on my cross stitch-been weeks since I last worked on it. I also want to continue making some doll necklaces that I started making this weekend.

All around a bit quieter week I hope!


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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 10:07am
Don't know that I'll get much sewing done this week... all our company finally left, we're having a birthday party this afternoon for the cat, there's a mountain of laundry waiting to be washed, and we desperately need to get back into routine before school stats next week... I can't believe my girls are starting gr.1 *and* kindergarten this year!!!!! <>

On the sewing front, I've got a couple projects at the top of my list (next week?).

1) Bought the lace for a christening gown I started *ages* ago and need to complete. The pieces are cut - partially assembled, the smocking rows are in but not stiched... it'll take a couple days to finish but will be *gorgeous* when done.

2) Have drawings/idea mapped out for using the antique curtains bought this summer - plann to make a set of long bloomers with an a-line jumper dress featuring a ruffled strip down the back and matching hat - sounds weird I know but when I start dreaming of a dress - it usually turns out pretty good.

3) Dh & I are going on a trip in 3 weeks so I might try and whip up a dress for one of the dinners. Have had the fabric/pattern/notions for awhile - just never got around to sewing for me - LOL. It looks like one of those 2 hour (aka: under 6 hour) designs so shouldn't take that long to put together. I got some awesome new strappy shoes on clearence the other day that will match - definate inspiration to make the dress!!!!

That's enough for now.

I'll be realistic and update this in 2 weeks instead of one.


Off to go cut out cat "tails" for 7 little girls this afternoon - we're going to have sooo much fun!