Monday Goals for Monday Sept 1

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Monday Goals for Monday Sept 1
Mon, 09-01-2003 - 8:42am
Yes it is September already as hard as that is to believe. So inquiring minds want to know how you did on your goals last week and what you have planned for this week. Spill the beans here!


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Mon, 09-01-2003 - 8:57am
"So this week I am wanting to get a western shirt made by Sunday so I can wear it in a parade on Sunday. Actually I got most of it done tonight just need to figure out how to do button holes on my machine. " Finished it but decided to use snaps instead of buttons and it eneded up way too cold yesterday to wear it-oh well still a chance to wear it next summer!

"I also want to get back to working on my cross stitch-been weeks since I last worked on it." HAHAHAHAHAHAH NOPE

"I also want to continue making some doll necklaces that I started making this weekend." Now this I did and used up all the wire I had so now I will wait to see if they sell and will get more wire in a couple of weeks. I also managed to get alot of cleaning done so at some point my office space maybe organized enough to get back to work.

Now for the week ahead I really really need to get busy on the things I said I wanted to enter in the local fair that opens on Thursday night-it was cheaper to get an exhibitors pass than to pay for a normal pass and this way I usually win my pass fee back! Thing is nothing is ready so I really have to work hard! That will pretty well take up most of my week!


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Mon, 09-01-2003 - 10:37am
Update from past week...

We had a GREAT cat party - the kids had an awesome time and I got some god pics of it all. I think it'll be one of those things that will stand out when they are older.

Went to the fabric store (said I wasn't going to but ran out of Fray Check). Ended up getting a bunch of embroidered ribbon to make ribbies in the near future.

Managed (unbelieavly) to finish the dressy / bias dress for myself. AN "easy" pattern - should have taken me 2-3 hours, ended up a 2 day project... ugh! First the fabric was not wide enough for a bias cut - had to rework the pattern pieces, then the zipper wouldn't lie straight (it had a huge wow between the shoulder blades). I seam ripped it 4 times, eventually changeing the whole back so it now has a v shape to below the shoulber blade line and looks *marvelous*! I should have made my own pattern to start with cause this ended up looking very little like the picture.

This week -

more laundry, the start of school, and those kiddie outfits mentioned last week... we'll see how much gets done. I'm trying very hard to get 1-2 sets a week before November. Having both girls in school in the mornings should be a huge help.


My *other* sewing board is having a "stash challenge" this month so I'm even more motivated to get sewing.... I love competeing for glory and prizes!!!! LOL

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Mon, 09-01-2003 - 6:14pm
Alas, I did not reach all my goals again this week.

I had a setback with getting my two bottom wisdom teeth taken out on Saturday, but the advantage was for two days straight, nothing but working on my beach cross stitch.

Even though I've been working on the beach, I am still not halfway done! Augh! I also did not have time to put the fall basket together, I'll have to do that at work this week on my lunch since it's due on Thursday. So that's one of my goals.

I reached a personal goal that I didn't list on last week's post which was I cleaned my kitchen today. whoo-hoo...the downstairs is almost dirt free, two more rooms to go...

okay, so my goals for this week is, hopefully getting halfway done with the beach project, getting my bathroom and enclosed porch cleaned and finishing my fall basket.

whew! til next week,


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Mon, 09-01-2003 - 8:57pm
Goals from last week:

finish that Halloween exchange sampler --- done

mail off those swasp/exchanges --- done

pay the new bills --- done, but still more have arrived, and I still have to put about three months of records into Quicken...

deal with the security system installer --- done --- system installed and working, but the basement guy has yet to return to finish his work

The furniture repairman sent his estimate and we saw a furniture cleaning specialist, who said he couldn't fix the stains on the two couches --- so now we need to get an estimate from an upholsterer.

deal with American Express *and* the bank re our mortgage -- think we have it fixed, but since tody was the second payment due date, I expect we'll find out within the week whether or not it was...

and train the new kitten to not use the furniture and the carpet as a scratching post --- she KNowS it's wrong, but keep on doing it! AAARGH

I also finished that "Historic Lighthouses" Sampler; it only needs a signature and a press before taking it to the framer.

I also figured out how to post my photos online! To see the Halloween Sampler, Dreamcatchers *and* the "Family Tree Sampler" that I have stitched this year, go to my web page , click on "That Yank Stitches..." in the menu and click on the link on that page! Now I can post photos without taking up too much iVillage web space!

I didn't unpack a thing (Bad!)

This week's goals...

Start stitching on my contribution to the mobile for an expectant mother who is making her own for her new daughter

Pay more bills

Mail out the Halloween Sampler

Maybe take BeauJangles to the vet (he is acting strangely, and I don't know if he is sulking because of the kitten or if he is ill)

Really --- I SHOULD unpack some boxes...


That Yank

CL for "

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Tue, 09-02-2003 - 8:17pm
I'm almost ashamed to post, I have done so little stitching in the past couple of weeks. I just have had other stuff going on, and haven't taken time to do anything other than just veg when I have the evening off. I do hope to finish the sun on "Day", and get started on the back stitching on the parts that I haven't gotten to yet. We'll see.....


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Wed, 09-03-2003 - 1:59pm
I have finished the Summer panel of my Seasons bell pull. I thought I grabbed a cross-stitch Christmas ornament out of my project basket this morning, but when I opened it up, it's just a potpourri ornament kit, with a printed canvas, plastic ring, tulle, and pot pourri. It took all of about four minutes to assemble.

So I started the border for the Autumn panel of the bell pull. Last one!

Last week's goals:


Yahoo! Just dry cleanrf the green crescents for the foyer this morning. Need to mickey-mouse hang them on the same curtain rod that the sheer lace panel is on until I can get another curtain rod.

Took down the hem on one porch curtain, have another one to do, and still another for the attic hallway window. Still need to get a curtain rod for the back porch too.

Need to get curtain rings for the archway velvet panels, and DH needs to install the curtain tie-backs so I can put the velvet up in the living room. Got fabric for bedroom curtains, haven't even dry-cleaned it yet.

Sewing room:

Is still a mess! Laundry, mending, sewing projects everywhere. I'll try to clean it up tonight.


Haven't touched the medieval costumes. Need to assemble DH's top, hood and pants. Need to get undergarments for myself so I can measure and cut my fabric. Need to cut and sew his tunic.


Replace zipper on plum gown skirt. Add elastic to blue suit waist. Take down hem of dark green skirt, and travel pants. Pull peach pants back out of dry cleaning bag and secure button.


Finsihed summer panel! Going to make Christmas decorations until September 23, when Autumn begins, and I start the last panel on the bell pull.


Need to bring clothing to cleaners for storage for Season #2. Will do Saturday.

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