Monday goals for September 8

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Monday goals for September 8
Mon, 09-08-2003 - 9:11am
Time to let us know how things went in the past week.

Did you set goals? Did you make your goals?

What goals do you have for the coming week? Stitching, sewing, or any other goals you would like to share.

Inquiring minds want to know!


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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 9:18am
Well, I set no goals, so I could not fail! I was away until Wednesday and just never got around to posting any.

I have gotten a fair amount of stitching done on my Christmas piece. It now reads " We Wish You a MERRY C....... " and about half of the H. I will finish the H and try for the R as well. I woul love to get this piece done and framed by Christmas. I am going to attempt framing it myself, so will be needing lots of support when I get to that stage!

In the Friday 5, I said I needed to get some pictures together for an album for my sister's 60th birthday celebration. I did not get that done over the weekend, so I MUST do it tomorrow, which is the only day I will even possibly have time.

This is a very busy work week for me. I have a lot of widely scattered appointments set which will keep me hopping. In fact I have one in just about an hour, and since it is at least 40 miles away, I've got to run!

See you later! Best of luck to everyone on their goals.


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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 10:39am
Had a pretty productive week -

1) managed to complete an heirloom baptism set (gown and bonnet). It turned out reallly nice.

2) babysat my neice (2yrs) and nephew (3 yrs) for a day and ahalf - what a handful!!! They are very spoilt and like to have their own way or no way... I also had *conveniatly* forgotten what it's like having littler ones in the house again. Very happy to see them go home!

3) both my girls started school this week too. It was kinda tough on me - but easy on them! Kira's in gr.1, Holy started Kindergarten - they both take the bus but I foloowed for the first 2 days and walked Holly to class so she'd know where to go. Reminded me of that old Campbell soup commercial. LOL

4) dh worked late every night and most of the weekend, but probably a good thing - me and the kids have colds so the house is filled with germs.

This week - I need to get organized for a book club meeting here next week, and work on some boutiqued "cowgirl" outfits for the girls. My mom is taking them to a country themed banquet and dance when dh and I are on holidays at month end. They need something to wear!!!

Till next week....


Ps. I looged 4 projects on the stash challenge so that's pretty good too! I need to get a head start ahead of the others before I take two weeks off from the machine!

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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 11:23am
Last week's goals...

1) Start stitching on my contribution to the mobile for an expectant mother who is making her own for her new daughter --- Finished one letter, half-way through another. Thank goodness it's only a three-letter name! It's on hi-count linen and driving me nuts!

Finished up the "Historic Lighthouses" sampler, pressed it, photographed it and posted it on my journal page. It can be reached through my web page: Just go to the page that is entitled "That Yank Stitches..."!

As a break from the eye-strain, I started a new piece on 14-ct AIDA --- a sampler about cats from "Cross Stitch Gold".

2) Pay more bills --- did that, and of course more have come in! Paid them today and put thtem in the mail as well.

3) Mail out the Halloween Sampler --- it's in today's mail as well

4) Maybe take BeauJangles to the vet --- dosed him with the medication the kitten was supposed to have gotten 9and tended to spread liberally all over us when we tried to give it too her) and he popped out of whatever was bugging him the next day.I think he may have caught the kitten's cold...

5) Really --- I SHOULD unpack some boxes... --- well, I didn't do much in this area, although I did get into my office, shifted a few boxes around, and found the brand new printer and scanner which we bought in Saudi and never took out of their original boxes,but shipped home as was! Also found my desk-top monitor...

In addition, had an upholsterer over to look at, and estimate, the two damaged sofas (the cleaner said they couldn't be cleaned) --- one will be so pricey that we may have to go shopping for replacement cost instead of re-upholstery ($4200!) Also, the basement contractor finally replaced the chipped ceiling tiles, but still hasn't finsihed the electrical wiring. And an HVAC contractor was over on Sunday to add vents to the attic and the soffits in the hopes that that will help solve our lack of AC (and probably heat in winter) to the upper stories of this house!

Oh, yeah, and went to the local "arts festival" (The Black Swamp festival) in the nearby town of Bowling Green. On Friday, when it was supposed to start, there wasn't much out --- although some shops had window displays of artitst. But on Sunday (when it was MUCH hotter --- I got a little sunburned, *and* was wearing a black sweatshirt --- AAARGH), there were booths in parking lots, all up and down the main street (which was blocked off and made into a pedestrian mall), etc. Not a lot of stitchery-related things there, although the quilter's guild had a hugh hands-on booth there, right next to the basket weaver's guild and the wood carver's guild. There was a parking lot full of the Chamber of Commerce/Wood County Art invitational (bought a photograph there). And while I was there, I took the "Historic Lighthouses" sampler in to Ben Franklin's to get it framed!

This week:

Finish that name piece for the mobile

ONCE the name is finished (NOT BEFORE! IT has a deadline now, of October 17), get to work on the cat sampler.

Unpack some more.


That Yank

CL for

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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 11:36am
Haven't posted goals for a couple of weeks, but I finished the Christening gown. I thought it looked wonderful. Pics will come soon. Child number two (when the time comes) will get it with embroidery.

My next projects are supposed to be packing for a move to another town and also organizing a 6 week visit to the US. Unbeknownst to DH (he'd kill me!) I pulled out a Christmas pillow kit from my "unfinished" projects and will work on that on the sly. Goal for this week is to figure out the kit and start it.

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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 1:29pm

Took hems down on two sheer lace panels, hung them in the front porch. Still need to take down one more hem for attic window. Hung the green crescents in the foyer. Will dry-clean the bedroom curtain fabric (tonight?) to prepare for panels in bedroom. Still need to get a curtain rod for the back porch, and curtains and rods for upstairs porch.

Still need to get curtain rings for the archway velvet panels, and DH still needs to install the curtain tie-backs so I can put the velvet up in the living room.

Sewing room:

Is slightly less messy. Laundry is not overflowing, but is wrinkled and cold in the dryer. Mending I've been doing every night while DH finished dinner (I eat faster and less) which is working out great. Sewing projects are mostly hung up.


Purchased tear-away stabilizer for the chain mail fabric of the medieval costumes. Need to assemble DH's top, hood and pants. Need to get undergarments for myself so I can measure and cut my fabric. Need to cut and sew his tunic.


Replace zipper on plum gown skirt. Add elastic to 2 blue suits waists. Take down hem of dark green skirt, and travel pants. Secured button on Peach pants (no, I wasn't wearing them this time! ha ha)


Halfway finished border of Autumn bell pull panel. Tonight I'll spend 5 mintues cleaning up my craft basket.


Brought clothing from season#2 to cleaner's for storage. Need to have DH install the moth spray dispensers in my closets.

Have a good week everyone!

100 days 'til Christmas!

Lee Ann

Lee Ann

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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 9:30pm
Haven't been stitching much, but I did finish the sun. now all I have to do is top stitching and beads.

I did re-organize my cd's and put more stuff away. Gradually, my little apartment has become a home.

I also have been writing bad poetry again. Haven't done that in years, but the muse has been banging me over the head with a 2 x 4 lately, so instead of stitching, I've been writing. (I wrote about her on my web page.)


Be the change you want to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandhi


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Fri, 09-12-2003 - 10:42pm
i can't believe i missed the goals on monday so i'll finally put them on, being its friday. Last week i finally got halfway done with the beach. Our silent auction at work went great and everyone loved the fall wreath I cross-stitched. We will probably do one for christmas, so it looks like i have to put the beach on hold and start a christmas cross stitch wreath....yay....

well, since the week is almost over i'll put my goals for this weekend,

i want to get the supplies to make the wreath,

i want to clean both bathrooms tomorrow, plus do the laundry and iron....

i want to complete my last paper for my teleprocessing class plus finish the exercises assigned...

whew i got a lot to do....