Goals for Monday September 22

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Goals for Monday September 22
Mon, 09-22-2003 - 7:20am
Inquiring Minds want to know how you did with your goals for last week and what are your plans for this week?



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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 7:39am
"Now for this week I have to add the sanity goal for the simple reason I am battling with my son's school to get them to put the kid in special resources or he will be pulled permanently." There is a possibility that I won on this matter or at the very least made muy opinion extremely clear! At this point only time will tell

"I hope to be able to at least look at my new patterns I picked up yesterday and I really need to get some more pics taken for Ebay so I can list more auctions." I managed to get several auctions up on Ebay and this past weekend I got several of the new patterns cut out and last night was actually able to sit and work on them

"I would also love to pick up my embroidery again cause I have not touched it since July-I know bad" Does looking at it count but nope got nothing done in embroidery

For the week ahead I want to do some more sewing and of course get more auctions up. Thankfully my next Craft show is not until late October so I have time to get ready for that if all goes well that is! I also really need to get beading on the doll necklaces and bracelets I am selling now. They sold like hotcakes at the first show of the season and sales were slow so I figure I had better make a few more cause sales are always good at the next show!

I am also going to add a horse back ride or two this week as I need to have sanity breaks too!

Have a good week


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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 9:39am
My goals for last week were:

1) continue the unpacking

2) continue the "cat sampler"

3) get together the necessary materials on a tag swap I'm involved with on the Rubber Stamping Board

Well, I failed miserably on the important task: unpacking. Didn't unpack a single box. I go into that room, look at the stacks of boxes and just walk out again! I really don't want to do this! And a corollary of this: the insurance claim. DH and I printed out a lot of digital pictures and got together a lot of receipts, estimates, catalogue pages, etc. But we still haven't scanned in the inventory sheets which they say they want as proof that we had some of the things gone missing (!!! over 30 of them!!! AARGH!) or filled out the forms they supplied, which ask for descriptions of the damage, the missing goods, etc. And they really should be in the company's hands before October 9...

I did finish my tags for the stamping swap, however (I am going to package them up to mail today, when I do the bills (AARGH!)

And I did stitch: I finished five more motifs (out of 17) on the cat sampler. that makes six done (except for backstitching, of course), 11 to go.

In addition, DH signed me up for another driving lesson last Tuesday wihtout telling me, and now my car has the necessary cones in teh trunk so I can practice maneuverabliity on my own. I actually got in some practice driving this week also: DH wanted to go to the Toledo Botanical Garden plant sale yesterday, so he had *ME* drive there! Not maneuverability, but it was some good, extended on-road practice.

DH took a class in perennial border landscape design at Owens CC this past Saturday and came home with a new label for himself! he's a plant "luster"! I*I* could have told him that! LOL

This week:

1) I'll still put it at #1 even though I don't WANT to do this: unpack some more!

2) REALLY IMPORTANT: finish those HHE insurance claims

3) bills and such to mail (I really should update Quicken...)

4) stitch some more on the cat sampler; and some ornaments for a swap or two (I have the floss and bead list assembled --- just need to find them all --- may have to go internet shopping!)

5) Christmas cards? I really should start on those, either stitched or stamped for close freinds and purchased for the rest of the list...

6) More service people: the furnace people are coming sometime this week to check out the furnace before turning it on for the winter, and service the AC beore shutting it down...

It's really a dull and dreary day: raining steadily (actually have standing water in the flower bed DH cleared this past week --- he didn't get around to tilling it so all those plants we bought at the Botanical garden will have to be nurtured in pots for another week, at least!). Not the kind of day I like to work in --- it's more of a curl up by a fire with a hot drink and a good book kind of day... But I'd better get cracking. Monday morning is almost gone!


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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 10:25am
My goals for last week appear to have been:

1) Keep my sanity -- debatable whether I did that or not! LOL!

2) Get some appointments set for work. -- I did get some set and actually got 5 interviews done, including one very scarey one done in the middle of tropical storm Isabel, with huge pine trees whipping in the wind above the little cottage where this young lady lives and the electricity flickering on and off! I should get dedication points for that one.

3) Get some stitching done, at least finish the 'S'. -- Did that. Got the 'S' and the 'T' done.

This week:

1) Still need to get more interviews done. I only have one appointment for this week and I don't think that will sit too well with the boss!

2) Girl's day out on Wednesday with two of my good friends who are both playing hooky from work to go to some little shops down on the Eastern Shore. Should be lots of fun.

3) Work on some sewing projects I am starting.

4) Find the pattern for the Rennaisance costume I was supposed to be making for my DD. (Not my fault it isn't done. She never found the material she wanted for it. Now she wants to try again.)

5) Get some stitching done. I will try to at least get the 'M' done. If I can do more that will be great.

Good luck to everyone on their goals.


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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 10:28am
How do you do the doll necklaces and bracelets? Are they strung on elastic thread? What size doll are you making them for? Sounds like a good extension of what you have been doing.


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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 10:31am
Carol, I'd love to come and help you unpack! I am great at unpacking -- just not so good at figuring out where to put things once they are unpacked! LOL! Which I suspect is at least part of the problem you are having.

Good luck with the claims forms! Why does it have to be so hard to recover what you have lost? I guess the people who make fraudulent claims spoil things for those with legitimate losses. That's a shame!


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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 4:43pm

Attic window lace sheer, need to iron and hang. Need to dry-clean the bedroom curtain fabric (tonight?) to prepare for panels in bedroom, then need to cut and sew them. Got curtain rod for back porch, and put up curtains. Need to get curtains and rods for upstairs porch. Got curtain rings for the archway velvet panels at Restoration Hardware. DH still needs to install the curtain tie-backs so I can put the velvet up in the living room. Am returning sheer panels and rods for the attic windows.

Sewing room:

Is very messy. Laundry is not overflowing. Mending I've been doing every night while DH finished dinner (I eat faster and less) which is working out great. Sewing projects are mostly hung up.


Need to assemble DH's top, hood and pants for medieval costumes. Need to cut and sew my dress. Need to cut and sew his tunic.


Replace zipper on plum gown skirt. Add elastic to 2 blue suits waists and gray skirt (I just realized I have a safety pin in it).


Cleaned up craft basket, but it's still overflowing. Started background of autumn pattern on bell pull.


Need to have DH install the moth spray dispensers in my closets.


Started crocheting a flurry of snowflakes for Christmas ornament gifts.

Have a good week everyone!

94 days 'til Christmas!

Lee Ann

Lee Ann


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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 9:03pm
My Goals for the week are:

1. Continue working on my scarf to have it completed by the end of the week

2. Start practicing my crocheting to make Hats and Mittens for the kids

3. Start working on my Nephew's Christmas stock (again). I need to get this done so I can start on my other Nephew's stocking.

I am going to be home Thursday until we leave to go to Connecticut for the Durham Fair so I plan on stitching the day away before we leave in the evening.



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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 10:49pm
Yes it is a perfect extension of what I am doing anyway. I bead onto what they call Memory wire -thin wire that retains it's shape. I will try to remember to email you a pic when my mail is working better


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Tue, 09-23-2003 - 2:04am
I did stitch back stitching on the bodice and wrap on Day. I still have all her hair, the flowers in her hair, leaves and ribbons in her hair, the cloud, the sash, and then beading. . . Well, you get my drift. I am onlying allowing myself a little bit of stitching time, as I am still spending most of my time working on job applications. That is a full time job in itself.

This week, I would be happy to do two hours total on the weekend, and get three to five job applications done (they usually have about 3 pages of writing to specific skills and knowledge and abilities in addition to a resume). By the time I spend an hour or two on that after work, my brain is fried, and I have spent so long in front of a monitor to see straight.


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Tue, 09-23-2003 - 7:51am
I think my last goal was posted two weeks ago. I wanted to figure out what I needed for a Christmas pillow kit. Well, I checked it out and it is mostly a machine sewing project with appliques. Not a good choice in the middle of our travel/move. So, I packed it away and will work on my hardinger (sp?) sampler that I was working on so long ago. Meanwhile, I'm packing and prepping for the move.

Hope everyone is doing well!