Goals for the first week of 2010

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Goals for the first week of 2010
Mon, 01-04-2010 - 4:28pm

Tell us how you all did last year. Did you finish up on a high re your goals? Are there some long term ones still waiting?

Inquiring minds want to know!

And what is happening this week in your lives?

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Mon, 01-04-2010 - 4:33pm

For the last week of 2009, my goals were:

1. Stitchery - work on Quaker Christmas === DONE. I also came up with a "design" for my first bead Journal project, pulled the fabric and the beads. And I selected the fabric for January 14th's quilt guild meeting where we are supposed to bring a "UnStarted Project" (USP)

2. House cleaner comes Wednesday === DONE

3. Walk - one mile a day… (sure right! IN the snow. Sure!) === NOT

4. Pay bills and keep the computer records current === DONE

At the last minute, we went to a new Year's Eve dinner with some of DH's high school friends.We've eaten at this place before and they still don't live up to their promise. They should stick to steaks and chops (which they do well) and drop the pasta (too much olive oil and not enough basil in their pesto).

Saturday, DH replaced the gasket for the toilet in my bathroom. here's hoping that's all that it needed.

Oh, and the fridge stopped working altogether Sunday...

So, for the New Year, while I wait for our repairman (whose car should know the way by heart now) who is supposed to be here between Noon and (he came, he diagnosed a faulty relay switch and put in a temporary "universal" switch while the one for our model is on order. Hopefully this will work because if this is a cascading series of failures resulting from that faulty fan back in November, the compressor could be the next to go... Meanwhile, the freezer is working again...):

1. Rubber Stamp Demo - both of my friends are injured (one fell on her newly-operated-on knee, the other fell on and broke her elbow) so we may skip the demo and just do dinner and our belated gift exchange)

2. Stitchery - work on Quaker Christmas, start January installment of bead Journal Project

3. House cleaner comes Wednesday

4. Walk - one mile a day… (sure right! IN the snow. Sure!)

5. Pay bills and keep the computer records current!

6. Haircut on Wednesday at 12:30.

A painter is due in on the weekend to paint ceilings in the MBR (roof leaks last winter due to ice dams), Master Bath (that toilet leak) and the upstairs hallway (again, that roof leak).

And take down Christmas decorations Wednesday or thereabout (always a downer --- why does the house seem so EMPTY when the decorations are put away?).

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Mon, 01-04-2010 - 5:52pm

I'm starting a new list from scratch -

SUN = missed DGrDs birthday party because my car started acting up. Luckily, we made it home safely with flashers on all the way.

MON = (morning spent dealing with my sick car that needed to be towed to repair shop.)
Workout at Curves - done
Practice outlining figures with free motion quilting. I'm glad the book I bought has a lot of exercises on 14" squares to walk me through the learning process. Feeling more confident

TUES = resume reading tutoring at adult ed class.
Retrieve my car from repair shop, hope it doesn't break the bank.
Take books back to library.
Scan family photos to PC, then frame shots of the Grands to go on my hobby room wall.

WEDS = Curves workout.
Put away the last of the holiday decorations. I left 2 of the big plastic containers outside when I was giving away a bunch of stuff to our DGrD, then got sick & totally forgot they were there. They were covered with snow today, so I put them in the bathtub to drip.

Thurs - tutoring

Fri/Sat/Sun - who knows. Life is pretty dull when it's so cold I don't want to do much.


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Mon, 01-04-2010 - 7:52pm

Last Week:
-Car shopping for DH- Done
-House cleaning and organizing in prep for the baby- Got some stuff done
-go to the children museum if Paul is feeling better by Saturday (he has a cold)- Done
-do end of the year budget assessment and make any changes need for 2010- Done
-start gathering papers need for filing taxes- Not Done

For this week:

Monday: OB appointment, appointment with Lawyer to make will, registration for story time at the library for Paul (all done)

Rest of week:

Get Baptism date on church calendar
write out thank you notes for Christmas
Exchange a few clothing items for proper size
Get Paul's room all ready for his new bed
Get Christmas decorations put away
Sew burp clothes
Finish re-organizing the kitchen (nesting has kicked in and I've started but still have a few things I want to do.)
-Go sign wills on Thursday