No goals this week?

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No goals this week?
Thu, 01-14-2010 - 9:32am

Are we all just coping with weather & news?

I have actually gotten the photos of postcards printed on fabric. Now must decide how to put them together in a quilted wall hanging. So many decisions :(

Tax software is installed, so I need to start working on them soon.


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Thu, 01-14-2010 - 12:00pm

Oops! I TOTALLY forgot!

Here is my list --- pretty late and mostly done...

Last week it was :

So, for the New Year, while I wait for our repairman (whose car should know the way by heart now) who is supposed to be here between Noon and (he came, he diagnosed a faulty relay switch and put in a temporary "universal" switch while the one for our model is on order. Hopefully this will work because if this is a cascading series of failures resulting from that faulty fan back in November, the compressor could be the next to go... Meanwhile, the freezer is working again...): === DONE!

1. Rubber Stamp Demo - both of my friends are injured (one fell on her newly-operated-on knee, the other fell on and broke her elbow) so we may skip the demo and just do dinner and our belated gift exchange) === decided not to go and postponed to the next week

2. Stitchery - work on Quaker Christmas, start January installment of bead Journal Project=== DONE, and my BJP piece is beaded. Now to finish it.

3. House cleaner comes Wednesday === DONE

4. Walk - one mile a day… (sure right! IN the snow. Sure!) === no

5. Pay bills and keep the computer records current! === DONE

6. Haircut on Wednesday at 12:30. === DONE

A painter is due in on the weekend to paint ceilings in the MBR (roof leaks last winter due to ice dams), Master Bath (that toilet leak) and the upstairs hallway (again, that roof leak). === no sign of him...

And take down Christmas decorations Wednesday or thereabout (always a downer --- why does the house seem so EMPTY when the decorations are put away?). === DONE, but it took DH another week to take down the tree!

This week so far:

1. DH called in an electrician, FInally, who fixed the upstairs switches *and* the pantry light

2. My laptop's trackpad clicker died Monday and since using a mouse with a laptop (what I'm doing now) is a PIYA), I spent Monday night arranging for AppleCare to take delivery of my machine and repair it. So of course, once arrangements were made, the battery decided to warp and delaminate so now I'm working on AC Adaptor only, The box is here for AppleCare and I spent yesterday backing up the laptop but am now waiting for a new battery from Apple before I can sent it off.

3. Went to the stamping demo with Mary and Janice and had our Christmas exchange as well. It was SOOO god to se them both again.

4. Phones in my prescription refills this AM.

5. Updated the finance records on computer BEFORE backing up the hard drive...

Yet to do:

6. Quilt Guild tonight. We are supposed to bring teh fabric for a "Unstarted Quilt Project" tonight and I have mine together...

7. Stitchery - continue working on "A Quaker Christmas" (It's a little more than 2/3 done now).

8. bills

and wait for that painter...

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Thu, 01-14-2010 - 1:23pm

Last Week:

Monday: OB appointment, appointment with Lawyer to make will, registration for story time at the library for Paul- all done
Get Baptism date on church calendar- done
write out thank you notes for Christmas- done
Exchange a few clothing items for proper size- done
Get Paul's room all ready for his new bed- sorta done
Get Christmas decorations put away- done
Sew burp clothes- done
Finish re-organizing the kitchen (nesting has kicked in and I've started but still have a few things I want to do.)- done
-Go sign wills on Thursday- done

This week (already done)
First story time for Paul (He loved it!!!)
Go purchase fabric for new diaper bag
Drop off donation items at thrift shop
make map of commissary to make grocery shopping easy

Left to do:
cut out fabric for diaper bag
finish off laundry
dig out the tub of baby clothes, so I pull the 0-3 months out next week.



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Thu, 01-14-2010 - 10:37pm
WOW! You ARE nesting! That's a lot accomplished!

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