Goals for the week of January 25, 2010

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Goals for the week of January 25, 2010
Mon, 01-25-2010 - 5:03pm
It's that time again...
Post how you did last week.
If you didn't post goals last week, why not post some for this week?

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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 5:04pm

Last week:

1) Nag DH to work on the switch in the basement which gets hot to the touch when turned on (what IS it with electronics in this house?) === well, he touched it and agreed it is hot to the touch…

2) Appointment with notary tomorrow at 3 PM to sign the mortgage restructuring paperwork === DONE

3) Stamping demo Tuesday Night === DONE

4) work on "A Quaker Christmas" === DONE

and get up the courage to cut the fabric for the Unstarted Quilt Project === ordered more fabric! LOL

*and* stash fabric of the guild challenge, a "row of the month" mystery quilt === DONE

Also start planning for the February Bead Journal piece. === sort of done. I'm waffling…

5) Housecleaner comes on Wednesday === DONE

6) Bills and computer records for finances (still waiting for the tax prep documents but are in contact with the tax preparer and she assures us they will be here shortly) === DONE

and wait for that painter??? === still a no show!

And there was the Master gardener Appreciation Dinner on Thursday… DH told me about it Thursday AM!

SO, for this week:

Already gone to the hospital and had my mammogram and my bone density scan!

1) Black Swamp Hosta and Daylily dinner tonight.

2) Continue to nag DH to work on the switch in the basement

3) Stamping demo Tuesday Night

4) Stitchery work on one of my UFOs and get up the courage to piece the fabric for guild challenge, a "row of the month" mystery quilt. Also "finish" (line and back) January Bead Journal piece and continue planning for the February Bead Journal piece.

5) Housecleaner comes on Wednesday

6) Bills and computer records for finances (still waiting for the tax prep documents …)

and wait for that painter???

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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 6:21pm

Goals for last week:

get appointment with Midwife to hopefully get an pain rx, so that I can function better then I can at this point.- did get appointment because I ended up in L&D (everything was alright with the baby) and they said no pain rx till I am full term

purchase dresser for the boys- did

put away clothes in the dresser- not done

start washing baby clothes- not done

start sewing on the diaper bag- not done

story time- done

get a few more scrapbook spreads finished for Paul's baby book. - done

Last week was a miserable failure. I was put on a no lift restriction and limited activity so not much got done.

As of this week I don't have any real goals other then surviving. I have an OB appointment on Friday and will be just a few days shy of full term so I am hoping they will go ahead and give me a pain rx.



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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 11:30pm

Last week -
1 More work on taxes. Waiting for 1099s to arrive, then I could finish everything except DHs business info. > Forms did not arrive.

2 Complete the rest of the postcard print quilt blocks. I have 4 done and have mastered mitering the corners of the borders, thanks to a video I found on the Internet.> Done.

3 Lunch at DGrD (9) school on Weds. We can eat in or I can take her out. Betting she votes to go out for pizza.> We went to Subway shop.

4 Gather more info for putting in a garage & new drive. We have a gravel drive & 2 cars. Now the city is changing the parking lane in front of the house to a bike lane. This means our fragile friends would be required to park around the corner - and that's not safe with the weather we've been having. All this for a handful of bike riders in the area - grrrrr. > We've decided we can only afford to widen the drive & will have them replace wobbly paver walk with concrete. The garage estimate required removing part of the fencing we installed 3 years ago, plus was very expensive. DH wants to look into a carport after the drive is in.

5 Must make appt for a back massage asap. All this sewing has taken it's toll. > Had massage on Thursday.


1 More practice on free motion quilting. All 6 postcard blocks are layered with batting & backing for quilt-as-you-go work, but I want to be sure I can do a decent job on the outline quilting.

2 Tutoring Tues & Thurs afternoon.

3 Curves workout Mon/Weds/Fri (unless weather gets really bad)

4 Lunch at school with DGrD (7) on Weds. She already phoned to instruct me that she wanted a burrito from the store near the Subway. She's a character - always thinking ahead and taking charge of everything.

5 Get tickets for visit to DB in FL and DSis in AL in late Feb. I will SO need to get away from the gloomy cold by then.

6 Need to paint the inside of the linen closet to match the adjoining bathroom. Room was painted 2 years ago, I finally cleaned out the closet last fall, then promptly lost interest in painting. The current color was applied in 1980, so is due for a change.


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Tue, 01-26-2010 - 12:01am
Oh hon, I'm so sorry you are in pain and can't take anything for it. Here's hoping you make it through the next week or so... REST and take advantage of your last chance before the baby comes!

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Tue, 01-26-2010 - 12:56pm

Last week done: House cleaned (gave housecleaner her pile of mending & she brought me another pile), tax program uploaded, numbers organized, & some info input - now also have to await more of the W-2s before can complete. Another nite of quilting on the Xmas quilt; a nite of appliqueing on the last corner block of the Poppy quilt; got the next section marked on the Trip around the world quilt top in the frame ready to sit & quilt; & finished the machine quilting on the new dog bed cover (a practice piece for machine quilting started about this time last year (also making good use of some unused exchange blocks I've had sitting around forever)...

We had a couple days of hard rain (quite unusual for here & being in the desert, we don't have a lot of drainage). Several months back a sprinkler valve popped off & flooded a corner of the basement family room thru a hole in the wall for some electrical wiring. DH dug out dirt to access the wiring hole at the corner of the house but never did fill it in, & w/the rain we had water running down the basement wall thru the hole again. Got him to seal the wiring hole in the wall finally, tho the dirt is not yet moved back to fill the hole in the ground. R/O plumbing under the kitchen sink then sprung a leak spraying water onto one of his computer workbenches in his side of the basement & he got that fixed - we only had to go a couple days w/o R/O water when he went to work.

This week: Quilt workshop tonite, but I never did get the fabric cut for the Whispering leaves project they are going to work on. I haven't seen it, & really don't know what it's supposed to look like since I miss meetings pretty regularly. I'll probably still go just to visit. DH got hold of his D27 - she got home end of last week from Korea & he's going to go up 1st week of March to help w/tiling & possibly wood floor installation - so now I have to see if D34 has been able to exchange my 1st G'ma week w/the other G'parents so I can go w/DH to see SD27 in Idaho - she's going back to Korea for a year after July. My Mom has nailed down her visit in February. She hasn't yet finalized whether she'll fly into Vegas, or drive (3 days for her) but will be traveling the 1st week of Feb. to get here (while DH heads to Carson City to help a friend sort thru her late DH's stuff - so I know I won't get to be go w/him on that trek).

Grocery shopped & started laundry yesterday - tho that is a neverending task w/S20 still here. He is making plans to drive up to a friend's near Denver, CO next week as his friend tells him there are jobs to be had there. He's a desert boy & does not like the idea of living & driving in snow - but does like the idea of being able to get a job!! :) W/that need to get his tax forms started for him.

Today the plan is to clean the oven (I broiled S20's birthday steak last week & it's a greasy mess!!); possibly clean out the frig/freezer shelves (for whatever reason the freezer door shelves are really gross).

Sometime this week I will work on the 3rd eurosham for the guest bedroom so it's done before my Mom arrives. Finally get to cleaning DH's purple glass collection (brought home from his Mom's stuff many years back & until last summer kept on the patio. Finally found & purchased a corner shelf to dedicate to them a couple months back & moved them inside (which made him happy) - but still have not cleaned them up from being outside for years!

Hopefully will keep on track w/a little quilting on the Trip Around the World & Xmas quilt & more work on the last applique block for the Poppy quilt. Might even get the dog bed cover put together to go back in the dog house - tho w/the installation of the pet door & no padding in the dog house, the dog that used it, has taken to sleeping on the love seat in my sewing room...

Also need to get back outside & continue on w/cleaning the irrigation ditch - tho we are scheduled to have a bit more rain early on thsi week.

Another busy week...

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Tue, 01-26-2010 - 1:42pm

We finally got our accountant's questionnaire yesterday... but with calling England (a fraudulent charge to a defunct cc which the bank has seen fit to charge to us! AAACK!) and the mortgage company (we signed all the paperwork so why are they FedExing us urgent requests to restructure our loan?), I haven't felt up to starting on it. And like you --- no W-2s, 1099's, etc here...

Isn't it interesting how husbands work fastest on the work that affects them most directly. I still can't get DH to understand why it makes me nervous that that light switch/dimmer is causing the switch plate screws to heat up... And the bolts that hold the toilet down are still on my vanity, waiting for installation! Things half done... AAACK!

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