Weekly Goals, March 29, 2010

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Weekly Goals, March 29, 2010
Mon, 03-29-2010 - 12:15pm

So how did you do last week? Finish up your to-do list?

Do you have a list of goals for this week?

Please share with us!

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Mon, 03-29-2010 - 12:17pm

Last week…
I was going to keep working on this cold === DONE and it's almost completely gone this morning!

and put in three mornings on the phone banks at the local public radio station pledge week (Monday === DONE, Tuesday === DONE, and DH cancelled me out for Friday)

1) Tuesday Night - stamping demonstration - DID cancel due to cold and being so tired from being up at 4 AM to do the phone bank thing

2) Stitchery: work on my embroidery piece=== ALMSOT done, only a few more words to be backstitched
the guild challenge === didn't do a thing
and the March Bead Journal piece === have it started

3) Housecleaner comes on Wednesday === DONE

4) Bills, and computer records for finances - bills didn't wait but the records did, although I did have to copy and send the accountant two more 1099s which arrived late!

So this week…

1) Tuesday Night - stamping demonstration is a make-and-take so I don't know if we will go or not, but dinner is definitely on

2) Stitchery: finish my embroidery piece; start the guild challenge; and finish the March Bead Journal piece. And I'll have to start planning the April Bead Journal piece and pick out a new stitchery piece...

3) Housecleaner comes on Wednesday

4) Haircut appointment Wednesday

5) Bills, and computer records for finances

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Mon, 03-29-2010 - 4:02pm

Weekly goals - Feel like I haven't touched a thing since end of January. And it was such a great start to this year!!!

My Mom flew in early Feb. & we hit the road to do family visit stuff from around here - her 2nd eldest brother lives in Sun City & is the one that is no longer traveling of the 4 siblings so they did a get-together on Valentines weekend there. To my D's in So. CA so G'G'ma could see the kids; and a visit w/Brother & SIL in central CA. When we weren't doing that we did start my annual flower kill - the weather has just been so nice - plus Mom was going back to -10 & just couldn't resist the opportunity to be outside... My youngest S20 hung around til after she got here, but then he blasted off for CO where he can crash w/a friend & got himself a welding job within two wks. DH scheduled 2 wks of vacation time 1st of March - the 1st wk to help his D27 in Idaho w/house fix-ups for rental before she heads out to new duty stations w/USAF (Korea for a year then Italy for the next 3+ after that). I meanwhile did my g'ma week in So. CA, then came home & flew up to meet DH & D27 in Idaho, & finish out the wk driving vacation thru NV & CA visiting friends & family on the way home......as our house fell apart while we were gone! Not literally, but it was a comedy of errors that makes us rethink leaving home. The basement had some minor "flooding" w/a hose left dripping by the house foundation enuf to ooze water thru a basement wall. Friends watching the place for us took it upon themselves to clean it up - brought over their carpet cleaner & sucked out 10 buckets of water from the carpet - discovered the carpet cleaner, fan & heater together pop circuit breakers... The cats were stressed enuf to make several messes around the house (at 17yrs we had to wonder if we'd come home to find one of them keeled!). The dogs re-acquainted themselves w/area skunks - have done it before but w/no one home, one feels very comfortable sleeping on our bed. When friends came in the next morning, the house fairly reeked. Again, they jumped in, aired things out, found my recipe to neutralize the smell - wiped things down, did laundry & took care of business for us. We just weren't quite sure what we were going to come home to after that!

After 7 yrs in school - BA in Political Science from ASU here in Arizona (on merit scholarships), last 3 yrs at Harvard Law in Cambridge, Massachusetts - S23 graduates May 27. Right now, the plan is he will head for home & study for the Arizona bar in August - tho w/the economy as is, there isn't a job lined up. I'm still thinking that Harvard Law was an excellent choice for him & feel he will land on his feet in the long run - tho the timing of the current economic status couldn't have been at a worst time for his graduating class. Changed most all of the former givens (except, of course the looming loans.). So of course we are trying to arrange our week to be there for his graduation without going broke on a hotel for the 2 nites we need to stay in town. The rest of the visit we can stay w/my sis in southern Maine & take the Downeastern & use the subways to get around... Hopefully will get that somewhat nailed down this week...

Taxes are done & mailed, S20 got his refunds all back already & in the mail to CO. I did manage to complete the Poppy quilt top (will try to get a pic taken & put on the WIP post later this week) - almost have the curved borders designed, now to finalize & mark the quilting design. I'm on the last 2-1/2' in the floor frame quilting on the Trip Around the World quilt - but don't know that I'll hit my hoped for finish of our 25th anniversary April 20th. Still have to go back around the outside border and do the fill quilting - all straight lines, but had to do one end in a checkerboard fill design & think on it before I realized my original radiating straight lines suit me better. I just have to remark as it's been years since I measured & marked, & those markings are long gone. Finished the dog bed cover I started last March except for a button closure - but want to take it to the next guild meeting anyway before it gets used & messy so no rush. & made my first guild meeting workshop last Tuesday since January.

The rest of this week I'm scheduled to sub for alternative school (3-8pm school) Today & Thursday; regular 8th gr. science classes Tuesday & Thursday, & 7th/8th math Friday. Outside that I'm working on a lesson plan for a tessellation quilt project I will do w/the 7th gr. math classes end of April during a scheduled week sub for a teacher friend. Housecleaners in Wednesday (have 2 pr of jeans to hem before then to get DH's downstairs computer corner vacuumed); & it's getting warm enuf w/rain due Thursday that will probably need to mow lawns again next weekend...(Haven't finished the weedwhacking & clean up from two weeks ago back from vacation).

Oh yeah - & it's DH's birthday April 1st - so will plan a special birthday dinner for whatever nite he's home around that - except of course not Thursday as I will be working til 8pm - of course he probably won't be home that nite either...

Where'd the time go!!

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Mon, 03-29-2010 - 6:01pm

1 Local quilt guild is sponsoring a new group for learning free-motion work. The first meeting will be Weds to discuss projects, meetings, name, etc. This will be a small group and a good friend of mine happens to be off work that night, so she will go with me. - ATTENDED & DECIDED NOT TO JOIN.

2 DH & will make decision on which company to use for new driveway.

3 Turn 3 pairs of DGrDs worn jeans into shorts, plus repair a few seams in favorite outfits. I like that they are thinking about repairing & reusing clothes instead of demanding new ones. - DONE

4 Begin yard cleanup when weather warms up & I feel better. TOO WET

5 Massage on Thursday. Going to try trigger point massage to help aches in my shoulders. DONE. It helped for a few days, but the bruises it left are shocking.

1 More yard cleanup. I did get additional spinach & lettuce seeds planted in big containers.

2 Meet DS & family for 1/2 price pizza night on Tues or Weds to check out food at restaurant which I rented for DS's graduation party in May.

3 Make new throw pillows and window seat cover for the living room. Changing color scheme to go along with painting I bought. I believe the pillows will have ruffles on the edge -LOL.

4 Return to tutoring Tues & Weds mid-day.

5 Make pattern of freezer paper for new tote bag. So much easier than trying to mark the pieces on the back of the fabric.

6 If DH is up to it and his new shoes arrive, I want to go dancing on Friday night.


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Tue, 03-30-2010 - 1:03am

Where did the time go? between flower killing (LOVED THAT!) and travel, I can't see how you can ask that question.

What wonderful neighbors you have to dry out your basement and de-skunk your dogs (and bed, I hope too!)... And am glad that one of the cats keeled while you were gone. That would have spoiled a homecoming...

Congratulations to the new lawyer in the family. I so know what you mean about the employment options. We have a friend whose son passed the Ohio bar over a year ago and still hasn't a job. So he's studying for the Michigan bar and hoping that his clerkship there with a high-ranking judge will put him in good sread for employment there. I never ever thought that lawyers would be having trouble finding work but...

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Tue, 03-30-2010 - 1:07am

Oh, dancing! Sounds like FUN!

Ruffles... on the throw pillows. Who'd a think? LOL,

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