Week of August 2 --- Goals and To-Dos...

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Week of August 2 --- Goals and To-Dos...
Mon, 08-02-2010 - 10:44am
Any projects you plan on working on? Any holidays or vacations or visitors? How is your list of to-dos coming along? Just nosey! LOL

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Mon, 08-02-2010 - 10:44am

Here is what I had planned on doing last week:

1. Pick up CSA delivery between 3 and 7 on Tuesday - here's hoping we get something more than salad greens this week as DH is beginning to mutter that so far, it hasn't lived up to it's fee. === DONE. Tomatoes this week. WOO HOO!

2. Stamping Demonstration Tuesday night === DONE. We learned about using melted crayons as backgrounds

3. Stitchery - work on the challenge quilt, the July Bead Journal Project, and Michael Powell's "Greek Window". Green Window is in backstitch mode so it should be finished this week and I hope to do my July beaded piece as well. Not sure about the quilt. === FINISHED "Greek Window"! Didn't stitch a stitch after that, not even on my bead journal, which means July won't be done in July after all. And now I have to figure out an August piece as well to catch up. The quilt suffered too as I didn't even look at it!

4. Housecleaner comes on Wednesday === She came earlier than usual, but that's OK.

5. Bills and financial records === bills PAID; still not working on the computer records.

6. DH's high school class reunion starts Friday night and runs through Sunday AM === I skipped the Friday night do but did go to the tardy dinner (left after three hours; DH stayed three more) and the Sunday brunch.

7. Take "Garden Sampler" and "Floral Alphabet" to the county fair office for judging on Sunday afternoon. === DONE. Was surprised at how fast this went! No lines at all!

Edited to add that I forgot there is a dinner/seminar on indentity theft Wednesday night - DH can't go but the financial advisor is pressing me to go. === I bailed, due to nasty storm, continued storm warnings, and lack of interest on my part!

So this week…

1. We are to have coffee with a Smithsonian official this afternoon at 3. I suspect he's fund raising but who wold refuse coffee?

2. Pick up CSA delivery between 3 and 7 on Tuesday

3. Stamping Demonstration Tuesday night - Spritz Resist is the technique for this night

4. Stitchery - work on the challenge quilt and the July Bead Journal Project. Pick a new cross stitch piece (I'm tempted by Marilyn Robertson's "Art Deco" cats Sebastian, Jasper and Thomas…

5. Housecleaner comes on Wednesday

6. Bills and financial records

7. Senior Day and Quilt Day at the county fair --- they are the same day, as usual, so that is the day I usually go. I should be able to see then if either of my pieces won a ribbon...

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Mon, 08-02-2010 - 12:09pm

My summer is winding down - this is my last week of summer vacation! My time off has just flown by and I haven't gotten nearly as much accomplished as I had hoped. Last night I finished the baby blanket I've been working on so now I need to decide if I'm going to start another project or work on one of the three already in progress.

This week:

1) Monday Alex starts guitar lessons in addition to her piano lessons. Luckily the same teacher does both instruments AND he comes to our house.

2) Tuesday Ainsley has a dentist appointment.

3) Wednesday I have an eye dr. appointment and will most likely spend a few hours at school working on lesson plans. This semester I'm teaching pre-calculus for the first time and have NOTHING ready!

4) Thursday is the first day we can pay school fees and get the girls' schedules. Ainsley is starting kindergarten and Alex will be in 8th grade. They are both very anxious to find out who their teachers will be so I'll probably join the rest of the masses at the schools so we can find out.

5) Saturday DH and I will celebrate our 17th anniversary. We're going out to eat just the two of us, but I'm not sure what else, if anything, we'll do.

Around all of this I'm going to try to work on school stuff and crochet when I have a chance. It's going to be a busy week!


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Mon, 08-02-2010 - 2:47pm


1 Hair trim Monday AM. DONE

2 Take over DH's weekly grocery shopping on Tues, as the guys are taking a day trip to a RR museum in St. Louis. I won't have to cook supper, as they are bringing home the best corned beef we've ever tasted from St L. Other than that, I'll have the house to myself. May sit & watch chick flicks & eat ice cream all day, who knows :) DONE

3 Sit (or keep company as they call it) with youngest DGrDs early Thurs., while there DM takes a job test. CHANGED - DDIL landed a full-time job, so I helped out & watched girls all Tuesday & then Weds. AM. Weather was decent enough on Tues to check out their new library, have lunch at Subway, movie at home, then fun making origami paper figures. Weds. AM was filled with a nature walk & lunch.

4 Heat is coming back, I'm sorely tempted to join the local gym just to use the aerobic machines. - NOPE. Obviously, my time schedule won't allow right now.


Already made morning run to clinic to have my BP checked so new meds can be ordered. Was a bit high, so dosage will be increased. Stopped at store that carries our fav brand of bacon & stocked up. I see many suppers of BLTs on my busy days.

1 Finish tote bag. I'm at the last few steps.

2 Sit with Grands on Tuesday. DS has set up DDIL's never used sewing machine, so I will guide them through using it. The plan is to take them shopping for fabric to make first solo projects, followed by a movie where there is A/C - will be mid 90s here.

3 Sit with Grands Weds. AM. I will supervise them making rice bags for cooling & heating, to use on bruises & sprains. For some reason, these fascinate them and they fight over mine.

4 Once again, stay inside as much as possible to avoid the heat. This is getting old.

5 Check out new embroidery designs I ordered and plan what decoration to add to current simple clothes.


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Mon, 08-02-2010 - 3:42pm

Hoping to catch up a little paperwork on the job, do some cleaning, find most of what we need for camping at the end of the month, rearrange the walk-in closet of bleak despair and get to sewing class on Wednesday.