Dad's Day Recs?

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Dad's Day Recs?
Sat, 06-03-2006 - 9:55am

Have 2 Dads (+ my hubby) ----

They like things like History, Travels around the World, International Issues, investing, life after death .......

Have any particular things to rec?

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Sun, 06-04-2006 - 8:07pm
I'm almost afraid to suggest this on a book board , but what about magazine subscriptions?
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Mon, 06-05-2006 - 7:31am

I like the idea of the magazine subscription- maybe you could get each one something different and if they live near anough to each other they can swap them around:)

For a book recommendation-
I am finishing up Anderson Cooper's new book "Dispatches from the Edge"

In his memoir he talks about the tsunami in Asia, famine in Niger, wars of Somalia and Iraq, and of course the closer to home devestation of Hurricane Katrina. Interwoven in all of these is his personal experiences with losing a father and a brother. I think it meets some of your criteria.

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Mon, 06-05-2006 - 11:06am
I recommend Ireland, by Frank Delany.

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Mon, 06-05-2006 - 11:36am

Bill Bryson's non-fiction travel books are funny & informative.