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Good Morning
Sat, 03-19-2005 - 5:21pm

Good morning everyone on this cloudy Saturday morning here in Peoria, IL. Life has been busy here with all of my appointments to see the holistic Chiropractor but I have to say that I think it is working.

I have so much more movements in my joints today than I have had in a long time and am much more flexible. After the second massage with acupressure I felt like I had ran a marathon (and I don't run) and the next day I was really tired. Just from my nursing background I know that was the release of a lot of toxins within the muscles. My last session for this week was Thursday and I am pushing fluids as this is like having someone do weight training for you (weight trainers who use their muscles a lot need to replenish as it does dehydrate) and a lot of the tiredness is that I am dehydrated. I am now taking only one pill from their holistic line and it is called alka-pan (pancreatic enzyme preparation). The pancreas does a lot of healing through working with the liver and when it is sluggish your body does not filter and you get sore and stiff. I tell you I am feeling wonderful and doing a better job of dealing with the family stress because of it.

The doctor says the goal is to get me to one visit a month even once every two to three months down the road. The other technique they promote is cleansing diets from time to time which are a very old practice and I do want to try it. I know that DMIL goes once a month and that is all. This wellness group follows the principals of Dr Ted Morter who has a wonderful book out called the Soul Purpose if you want to read up on it.

I am hoping to work on a poncho for DGD Allison this weekend. I hope to have it done before her visit the end of the month. I meet with a group of gals every Monday to do whatever craft we hoose and two of them knit all of the time. I think it is starting to appeal to me.

Yesterday DH took the day off from his marathon work schedule and we went to Good's Furniture store in Kewanee, Il. A wonderful store 8 blocks long with even Liz Claiborne and Martha Stewart furniture in it and of course in case you gals did not know I am a HUGE MARTHA FAN so I had to check it out. We ended up buying an oak corner curio for the dining room with a real pretty beveled glass front and a barrister book case to put in the living room.

Then we traveled on up to Wyoming, Il to see old friends (Dan and CarolAnn) who are our youngest daughter’s god parents. We had not seen them in 11 years but always stayed in touch with cards and letters. Dan just retired from Caterpillar this summer and wife Carolann will probably retire from the bank soon as she is jealous of all of the time Dan now has free. She deserves it as she has worked hard all her life and should spend sometime with her DH. We hope to keep this friendship going again.

When we got home DH had to go in and set up for third shift as the plant supervisors little baby had to have surgery again(the second and she is less than 6 weeks old!) and so this morning he is in setting up a broach machine for them to run.

We hope to go to Macomb to see his brother as he just got out of the hospital again. He was going back into pulmonary and coronary congestion again from his sleep apnea and now is on oxygen 24/7 and a very strict diet. He is only 61 but in very poor healths and has the added health issue of Parkinson’s. I want DH to see him privately with oxygen on before there is a family gathering as I think this is going to hit him hard.

Ladies we just have to take care of ourselves! Well, I think I just heard the paper delivered so will sign off and go read it before I start my Saturday. Shareylee

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Mon, 03-21-2005 - 10:45am

Hi Shareylee!

What a busy weekend you had - wow!

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