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Thu, 06-23-2005 - 7:13pm

Well, I just about have the seams stitched up on this tank top I have been working on for far too long. I have been really taking my time on it because it's my first garment. I tried it on my DD last night and she liked it! She really looks cute in it too. She has a nice little shape (for a 13 year old who looks like a 23 year old) and she's going to look adorable when it's finished!
Congrats to me on my first garment!!!! I am super excited!



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Thu, 06-23-2005 - 7:22pm

That's so cool! With every garment you'll learn more and more, but nothing is better than finishing the very first one! WTG Colleen! Wooo hooooo!


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Fri, 06-24-2005 - 7:03am
That's awesome! I am sure she looks great in it, and she will be bragging to all of her friends that her mom made it. :)
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Fri, 06-24-2005 - 10:12am


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Fri, 06-24-2005 - 11:40am

Yipppeee!!!! Congratulations!!! That's so cool that your 13 year old daughter likes it. I remember my mom worked really hard on a crochet vest for me and I hated it. Now I feel so bad. I didn't want to wear it. She picked this really weird orange, white, red and brown varigated yarn. If the colors were better I would have liked it. Oh man...I feel so guitly again. I'm sure what goes around comes around. Now my own daughter isn't going to like the things I make for her. Sigh...

Thanks for telling us about your tank.