Might be MIA for a day or so (or longer)

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Might be MIA for a day or so (or longer)
Mon, 08-29-2005 - 1:25am
sorry off topic......Hurricane Katrina's coming for us....We're about 100+ miles from the MS gulf coast and it's predicted that we'll get some bad stuff from it.....Trying to think positive,but it's still a wait and see thing LOL....I'll be back when I can....
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Mon, 08-29-2005 - 2:10am

Wow. That must be pretty scary. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for your safety. Are you leaving the area for a while? Not sure if you'll get this message before you are out of cyber space, but thought I might catch you. Let us know how everything is when you can and STAY SAFE. (not like I have to tell you that...it's just the mom in me.) I'll be watching the news. Hopefully, it will change it's course. I'll say a prayer.


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Mon, 08-29-2005 - 8:29am
My thoughts are with you for your safety, and please let us know when it all blows over (no pun intended)

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Mon, 08-29-2005 - 8:51am

I'll be sending my thoughts and such to you as well! ((Hugs)) Stay safe.


~Kat, kittyprints4

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Mon, 08-29-2005 - 6:42pm
Stay safe! I will be thinking of you. Pam
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Tue, 08-30-2005 - 9:59am

Stay safe and I hope you can go home soon. {{{HUGS}}}